Free Divi layouts

Divi Layouts are pre-made modules, rows, sections and page templates that can be imported into your Divi layout library. Divi includes hundreds of free layouts by default.

Elegant Themes add new multi-page Divi layouts to the Divi Builder each week. These can be loaded within the Divi Builder directly without the need to download any JSON files.

Each layout pack comes with a demo site and this page lists the layout demos for all the Free Divi layouts.

Browse the free Divi layout packs from Elegant Themes

More information for each Divi layout

Each layout pack has an associated post with full details, screenshots and instructions on the Elegant Themes blog.

You can also preview each of the layout page templates on the Elegant Themes website.

For a quick preview of all the layouts you can visit the Divi Layouts page in the menu above, where each layout pack can be viewed as a single scrollable image.