www.dokkoonshop.com – Dokkoon Shop is a wholesale supplier of teak wood products based in the Northern Thai city of Chiang Mai, and the client wanted a modern Thai/English language website to showcase their teak products in an online store format, but without the eCommerce functionality.

Woocommerce + Ceeceppa

Woocommerce is very easy to work with and because it is so popular there is an answer a few clicks away for pretty much any issue that may arise. Dokkoonshop uses the default Woocommerce pages with some small php edits to add in store-wide text (about minimum wholesale orders). As the client is only selling wholesale directly with their clients the sites uses a plugin that hides the eCommerce functionality of the site, so there is no add to cart buttons, cart or checkout. This functionality can be added with relative ease if this is required in the future.

Ceeceppa is a well rated multilingual plugin that has the bonus of being free.It is easy to set up, but take a bit of time to run through the documentation so you know how the plugin works before you get started. You create a default language and a translation for that language as 2 separate pages. The Woocommerce plugin for Ceeceppa allows you to add translations for the store side of the site.

The rest of the site is pretty standard Divi with very little cusomisation beyond what is available via the Divi options. The only custom CSS that was added, was to make the homepage slider text more legible with a drop shadow.

Child theme

The site was based on the free Dividevelopers child theme from DiviThemeExamples.com.


woocommerce – Whilst not actually selling any of the products directly on the site, Woocommerce was the ideal solution to be able to manage and display the products, whilst leaving the option to add e-commerce functionality in the future as and when required.

Woocommerce Catalog – This plug-in hides the purchase buttons, cart and checkout from Woocommerce so we are left with the catalogue style store-front. Each product still has the (wholesale) pricing so products can also be sorted by price, but no e-commerce functionality is accessible.

Ceeceppa – A free multilingual plug-in that is relatively easy to use one you read the instructions. It makes life easier if you add this plug-in before creating your site pages as the plugin will automatically create the secondary language pages. If you add it after you may end up setting the secondary language as primary on certain pages. Not a huge deal, but takes a little time to work it all out.

Ceceppa Multilingua support for WooCommerce – This allows for the translation of the Woocommerce elements like product categories, tags and custom attributes, media “Title” and “Alternative Text” for “Featured Image” and “Product Gallery” and category and tag slug. The most important feature here was the ability to have the categories in Thai, rather than English.

All In One SEO Pack – All in One SEO (or YOAST SEO) is a must have plugin if you want to have a well rounded SEO plan.

Monarch – Every Divi users favourite plug-in to add the social sharing and follow functionality. Very easy to set up and a big help with increasing your social media presence.

This site was built by Craig Longmuir, a freelance web designer from Sydney, Australia, who has been working with Divi for around 18 months and is the creator of www.divithemeexamples.com.

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