Divi is the #1 WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes with  over 500,000 members who have access to Divi, Extra, Monarch, Bloom and the Divi plugin along with a load of older themes and free add-ons. A huge package for a very reasonable $249 ($224 using my affiliate link in the sidebar >)  for an unlimited use lifetime license.

Even with the easy-to-use drag and drop visual builder it can be hard to create a great looking design from scratch if you don’t have any design experience, so Divi layouts and child theme templates are here to help.

By using a child theme, layout or layout pack you can create your website using templates from other designers without having to design or code anything at all yourself.

Whats the Difference between Divi layout and child themes

divi templates - Divi layouts vs child themes
Divi Child Themes are installed like any WordPress theme and add to or modify the design and functionality of the installed Parent (Divi) Theme.
Divi Layouts are Divi Builder pages, sections, rows and modules that you can save, re-use, export and import to other pages, posts and Divi sites.
What is a Divi layout template?

The Divi layout system is a core part of the Divi Theme and it allow you to save pages, sections, rows and modules to your Divi library. These can then be re-used on another page or post on your site or be imported or exported for use on any websites using the Divi builder or Divi theme. You can find layout templates for Divi from Elegant Themes and various 3rd party developers.

Free Divi layouts built into the theme

Divi comes pre-populated with a number of free multi-page layout packs created by Elegant Themes that can be used for any website, including commercially for your clients. They are created by professional designers at Elegant Themes and also include royalty free stock images taken by the staff photographer. These layouts (since Divi 3.0.99) do not need to be downloaded and imported as they are available to load directly from your Divi builder. At the time of writing there are currently  50 Layout Packs (386 Total Layouts) and a new 100% free layout pack is currently being added twice a week!

3rd party layout templates

Along with the growing collection of free layout templates that ship with Divi, there are also a huge number of free and premium layouts and layout packs to download from 3rd party Divi developers. These on the whole need to be downloaded and imported into your Divi library before you can load them into your page, but some offer a plugin solution that adds the layouts into the Divi builder for easy deployment. These layouts can be a collection of modules that have been customized using the Divi builder settings and/or with custom css to full multi-page layout packs that have page layouts for a full website.

If you are looking for Divi layouts and layout packs you can find them all in the Divi Layout Directory which lists all the free and premium layout templates for Divi in 1 place.

Layouts I prefer to use include those from Elegant ThemesDivi Den and Divi Theme Examples (me. yep, I give away free layouts for Divi too and plan on releasing more soon).

What is a Divi Child Theme template?

A Divi child theme can be anything from a blank starter child theme to a premium child theme. At a basic level the blank started child theme is just a set of files that becomes your active WordPress theme and it uses your parent child theme (Divi) files as their base. Any files added to the child theme will override those in the parent theme, allowing you to customize your site whilst being able to update Divi with new versions. A premium child theme will come with various customized php files which add to or modify the parent theme files so you have customized design, layout and functionality.

Divi Child Themes are all developed by a growing number of 3rd party web designers that are building full websites and packaging them up into a child theme that will give you an instant website with content, pages, navigation and additional functionality not available within the default theme options.

The real power of using a child themes comes from the ability of them to add custom php files that change the layout or functionality of those in the parent theme. By doing this, child theme will often come with custom built templates, that can’t be built using the default Divi settings, for pages like the blog, 404, product, shop, archive and category pages. Many child themes will also come with custom design and functionality for the header and footer sections.

There are a few free Divi child themes, but due to the fact that a good child theme takes a considerable amount of work to produce and support, most are premium with a price range from around $30 up to $175.

If you are looking for Divi child themes you can find them all (300+) on Divi Theme Examples child theme page which lists all the free and premium child theme templates for Divi in 1 place.

Some of the most established and well know child theme developers i recommend include B3 multimedia, Divi Life, BeSuperfly, Monterey Premier, The Design Space, Aspen Grove Studios and Mark Hendriksen.

What do I use?

I usually like to design from scratch within the visual builder, but, with so many high quality layouts available from Elegant Themes now I can often find something I like right within the Divi builder and just load one of those and go from theme. These layouts are quick and easy to load and easy to customize so I am now finding myself using them more and more.

Child themes can also be very useful if you can find one that matches your custom functionality requirements closely, but many are essentially just layouts without any extra functionality. Personally, I would only use a premium child theme for building an eCommerce store as eCommerce is not something I specialize in and a child theme would lead to a lot of time saving.

What do you use?

Do you use templates from Divi child themes or layouts or design from scratch? or a mix of both?

Affiliate Disclosure: Links on this page may contain affiliate code which means the owner of this website will be paid a commission on any sales that result from purchases made via these links. If you choose to purchase via links on Divi Theme Examples you will never be charged any extra and you will be helping to keep this website a forever free resource for the Divi community.

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