We all know that the Divi Theme is already one of the best WordPress Themes available today, but the guys over at Elegant Themes keep on upping the ante. The Divi 2.6 preview gives us a sneak peak at what we can expect with the next update of Divi, and it looks good!

We are excited to start off the new year by doubling our efforts to improve Divi and the Divi Builder. We have so many amazing plans for Divi in 2016, and we are happy to kick things off with Divi 2.6 (coming very soon). If you are itching to know what new features will come with Divi 2.6, then today is your lucky day! Keep reading for a glimpse into this upcoming edition of our flagship theme.

What to expect in Divi 2.6

Responsive editing means no more coding media queries for desktop/tablet/mobile as it will be just a matter of selecting the devise in the modules. Use it along with the live preview responsive testing tabs and you have a rather elegant solution.

Divi Theme 2.6

More header styles mean making your Divi site look less Divi just a little bit easier.


New Divi modules will mean there will be a module for almost anything you could ever need.


New module options give you greater control of how your Divi modules function. As you can see from the image below, the much requested feature for allowing custom contact form fields seems to have been addressed. Perfect!


Expected ETA for Divi 2.6 is 1-2 weeks once test have been made and any bugs fixed up. Keep an eye out at the Divi Theme Examples Facebook group to find out when Divi 2.6 is released.

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