Want to know Whats been happening in the Divi Theme community this week?

The world of Divi has certainly grown at a breakneck pace since I first came across Divi and Elegant Themes and I think many people are finding it hard to keep up with whats going on with so many different sources of resources, child themes and tutorials. We now have quite a number of different Divi Facebook groups, Divi marketplaces, Divi child theme & plugin developers. You can see from this list of Divi resources here, that there is a lot.

So, Divi Theme Examples will have a weekly post covering whats new and whats been happening in the wide world of Divi. **Links to external sites may contain affiliate links.

This week has been dominated by the announcement of Divi 3.0 & the 100 day countdown to it’s release and is something you need to be following as there are some awesome resources being released. Check out some of the links below and stay updated on everything Divi.

The 100 Days countdown to Divi 3.0 is announced by Nick Roach 🙂

Nobody likes waiting, but great things (Divi 3.0) take time. 100 days in fact! But with the 100 days countdown waiting is going to be fun as Elegant Themes have promised 100 days of Divi resources and freebies. And at the end we get Divi 3.0 too! Exciting times ahead for anyone who has an Elegant themes membership.

The Ultimate & Free Divi Landing Page Layout Kit

This Divi layout pack allows you to mix & match pre-made Divi sections to create a huge number of designs for a landing page that rocks, and has a dose of Elegant Themes style too. A huge time saver to start the 100 days to Divi waiting game and if this is the sort of stuff we are in for over the next few months then we are going to be very happy Elegant Themes members. Good job Mario 🙂 You can preview a live demo of the Divi landing page library pack here, or go straight to the download page via the link below.

Free Divi Blog Extension plugin Gives The Divi Blog Module A Brand New Look

There have been a lot of requests in the Divi community and Divi Facebook groups for more options in the blog layout and today, day 3 of the Divi 3 countdown, we have The Article Cards extension plugin. Just download the plugin file, upload via your WP dashboard and you can activate this cool effect with the click of a button. Easy… and awesome!!

How to Add the Divi Builder to Custom Post Types and Third Party Plugins – Divi Nation Short

As you may expect, this Divi Nation Podcast Short episode from Nathan B Weller shows you how you can activate the Divi Builder on custom post types and 3rd party plugins. This is something that is regularly asked for and as usual Elegant Themes have been listening to what their customers want…

5 Divi Facebook Groups You Need To Join Right Now!

Divi has some awesome Facebook Groups that are a great resource for information, problem solving and general Divi and web design discussion. Many talented people in the various groups and Elegant Themes have singled out the 5 ones you need to join right now! Divi Theme Examples FB group has seen over 2500 new members this week so, many thanks ET!

10 Awesome Divi Sites That You Would Never Recognize, and What Makes Them Unique

As you may have seen in the “is it Divi?” category on DTE the Divi Theme is highly flexible and can be used to create some really non-Divi looking websites. Check out these 10 examples.

Free Divi Layout Pack For Modern Homepages & Single Page Websites

Another awesome Divi layout pack from Elegant themes today, which includes 3 homepage layouts.

Layout #1 – A Homepage For Enterprise Businesses – See Layout Demo here

Layout #2 – A Homepage For Design Agencies – See Layout Demo here

Layout #3 – A Homepage For Local/Lifestyle Businesses – See Layout Demo here

Free Divi Header Extension Provides 20 New Hamburger Menu Styles

The Divi Hamburger Menu Styles Extension plugin adds 20 new hamburger menu styling options to Divi’s Fullscreen and Slide-in Header Formats. Another frequently requested feature request gets answered by ET 🙂

5 awesome examples of Divi + Woocommerce websites

Checkout what is possible when you use Divi with Woocommerce in these 5 live examples.

How to add Code Snippets in Divi Builder – Code Snippet Module for Divi Builder

A new plugin from the creator of the hugely popular Divi booster. It lets you easily display source code within your Divi Builder posts and pages.
Adds a new code snippet module to Divi
Syntax highlighting of 150+ languages in 70+ styles
Stops WordPress mangling your code
For Divi (2.4+), Extra, and the Divi Builder plugin
Launch offer: Get it for just $6 (normally $9) until the end of June!

How to create a large thumbnail style blog layout.

Another great tutorial from Divi Soup, this time showing you how to change the way your blog posts are layed out. Just follow the recipe and you will have a great looking blog layout in a matter on minutes.

Adding a YouTube Video Within a Laptop Image by Geno Quiroz

This Divi tutorial will show you how to have your videos displed as if it was playing on a laptop or desktop PC monitor. Follow the tutorial which shows you how to use the Divi Code Module and just a little CSS.


A quick tutorial showing you how to make your blurbs square (well, rectangular actually)


2 clicks to play a Youtube video is far from ideal. Make it a 1 click play with this quick code snippet.

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