Want to know Whats been happening in the Divi Theme community this week?

Another week has passed and as expected the Divi 3.0 100 day countdown continues to dominate in our news feeds by providing excellent Divi resources every day. But, the rest of the Divi community is still hard at work producing their own content and products. So, below are links to a few of the more interesting Divi resources we saw this week.

The 100 Days countdown to Divi 3.0 ROUNDUP POST ????

This Divi 3.0 roundup post collates all the resources into 1 easy to view post. This week we have seen;
5 Pricing Best Practices You Should Be Using with Divi’s Pricing Table Module
How to Add More Social Media Icons to Divi
How to Hide the Divi Logo on a Single Page – Divi Nation Short
Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Glimpse At The New Visual Editing Experience
The Free Divi Testimonials Layout Kit: Includes 11 Beautiful Testimonial Sections
Free Divi Custom Login Page Extension Allows You to Easily Create a Beautiful Login Experience for Site Visitors
Free Divi Photo Gallery Layout Pack: 5 Stunning Gallery Page Layouts in One Convenient Download

How to add Code Snippets in Divi Builder (plugin from Dan Mossop)

The creator of the hugely popular Divi Booster, Dan Mossop, has launched a new plugin that allows you to easily add and format code.
Adds a new code snippet module to Divi
Syntax highlighting of 150+ languages in 70+ styles
Stops WordPress mangling your code
For Divi (2.4+), Extra, and the Divi Builder plugin

Add Thumbnails To Your Sidebar Recent Post List – Geno Quiroz

Another nice Divi tutorial from Geno, this time showing how you can create a Recent Posts list with thumbnails for your Divi site.

Overlapping animated modules in Divi

A quick tutorial from Elegant Child Themes showing how to use a bit of custom CSS to overlap images/modules within a row. They also have a tutorial this week on how to disable a plugin if a user is logged in, with the specific example of disable the Bloom plugin for logged in users.

Using a Popup in Divi to Display a Contact Form

A quick and easy shortcode only solution for a popup on your Divi site, using Shortcodes Ultimate, for the lightbox and Contact Form 7 .

Sales on Monterey Premier Marketplace

Father’s Day SALES on right now.
– $15 for Divi Switch by SJ James. (list price $22)
– $35 for Showy by Elegant Child Themes (regular $50)
– 40% off all products by Tammy Grant
– 25% off all child themes by Fabio Sarcona using coupon code CREATIVE-DISCOUNTS

Day #22 Live Demo and layout file

5 Creative Ways to Use Divi’s Built-In Margin and Gutter Controls

A few tips of the tips here show how some of those cool layouts you see on the ET demo sites are created. #4 with the overlapping text is a personal favourite.

You can see a live demo here and download the free layout file here.

Divi Advanced Text Module

A free plugin that adds an image upload setting and width/height selectors to the Divi text module.

Centering the Centered Inline Logo

The centered inline logo often isn’t centered if your navigation titles are uneven numbers or lengths. Here is a solution from Divi Soup.

Endeavor (Divi Child Theme)

Another new child theme this week, this time from Leslie Bernal at A Girl And Her Mac. Check it out.

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