Divi Theme Community Round-up #4

As ever this week sees a lot happening in the Divi Theme community and as with previous weekly roudups, this post will include a number of links i have saved whilst browsing the various Divi resource websites and Divi Facebook groups.

**Links to external sites may contain affiliate links.

This week has again focused on great Divi resources coming from the team at Elegant thermes in the 100 day Divi 3.0 countdown. Check out some of the links below and stay updated on everything Divi.

Divi 3.0 countdown Days #22-28

Day 22 –5 Creative Ways to Use Divi’s Built-In Margin and Gutter Controls
Day 23 –Free Divi Feature List Layout Pack LIVE DEMOS
Day 24 –Take The Divi Survey And Help Us Make Divi 3.0 Even Better
Day 25 –Developer Thierry Muller on Creating Divi 3.0, Quality Code, and WordPress Community – The Divi Nation Podcast, Episode 25
Day 26 –Divi Library: Exploring the Possibilities of Divi Library’s Selective Sync
Day 27 –Divi Agency Showcase: 14 Freelancers and Web Design Studios Powered by Divi
Day 28 –Free Divi Footer Layout Pack: 10 Unique Footer Designs to Give Your Site a Leg Up LIVE DEMOS

CSS Hero Animator

A free plugin from the people behind CSS Hero, the Animator plugin works with any theme to allow you to easily add various animations to your site content.

SJ’s Divi widget builder

A free plugin that “let’s you build your own widgets using the Divi Page Builder. Head to Appearance > Widgets, where you’ll find a new widget waiting for you. From here you’ll be able to add any module or page that you’ve saved to your Divi Library as a widget.”

Divi Community Q&A: Session 7 – Colin Falcon

Geno and Colin chat about all things Divi and give away some nice tips and tricks. Well worth a listen.

Divi Extended Column Layouts – 6 Column Layout

Another free plugin, this time one that allows you to add 6 columns into your Divi row. .

The top 5 best plugins for Divi

A good write-up from Aspen Grove Studios here on 5 very popular Divi plugins.

How to add Structured data in Divi theme without any plugin

Maby a bit technical for those new to web development but a good tutorial walks you though setting up the code required for structured data.

Two More Free Divi Layouts

A couple of free layouts for your Divi theme. Download and use as you like 🙂

How to Create a Sticky Button in Divi

A nice tutorial from Divi Soup on adding a stick button that always sits on the side of your screen. Something you may see added to DTE soon.

5 new Divi Child Themes available

5 new premium Divi child themes available this week. Check them (and 61 others) out on Divi Theme Examples.

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