More cool things I saw in the Divi Theme community this week.

As ever this week sees a lot happening in the Divi Theme community and as with previous weekly roudups, this post will include a number of links i have saved whilst browsing the various Divi resource websites and Divi Facebook groups.

**Links to external sites may contain affiliate links.

This week has again focused on great Divi resources coming from the team at Elegant thermes in the 100 day Divi 3.0 countdown. Check out some of the links below and stay updated on everything Divi.

If you have a cool tutorial, new plugin/child theme or anything that the Divi community should know about please drop me a line in case i miss it in the many Divi Facebook groups!

Divi 3.0 countdown. Days 29-36

Day 29– Free Divi Extension: Alternate Back To Top Button Styles & Animations
Day 30– The Free Divi FAQ Layout Pack makes F.A.Q’s less boring.
Day 31– Divi 3.0 Survey Results are in.
Day 32– How to Add Icons to the Divi Menu – Divi Nation Short
Day 33– 10 of the Best Divi Child Themes for Businesses
Day 34– 5 Ways The Divi Library Can Make Your Life Easier
Day 35– Free Divi Article Layout & Customizer Settings.
Day 36– 6 Steps to a Seamlessly Responsive Website with Divi

Using Bloom for an Image or Text Pop Up with a CTA Button

Sometimes it’s the simple ideas that are the best. With a little tweaking of Bloom you can have a feature rich pop-up for your site.

Blogging guide from Melissa Love

The Design Space is 2 years old and to celebrate Melissa Is giving away some goodies. Sign up to receive this free blogging guide from someone who knows their stuff!

Image Intense Plugin from Elegant Child Themes

Gives your image module super powers and 20 different overlay and hover effects.

4th July sale at Monterey Premier – up to 75% off!

Geno has put together a pretty special sale on Monterey Premier for his own products (75%) and products from many other developers too. Grab a bargain.

Adding Fly-in Animations To Any Divi Section, Row and Module

I was trying to do this a couple of weeks ago and results were patchy, so this tutorial from Geno Quiroz came in very handy..

Actions on Click by SJ James @ Divi Space

Click this and make that happen….a cool little jquery code snippet from SJ.

Anima plugin for easy animations

Use this plugin from Divi Child to easily add animations to sections, rows and modules in your Divi site.

Divi Extended Column Layouts – 5/6 Column Layouts

Need more than 4 columns in your Divi site? This plugin handles it really well!

A better Monarch social sharing bar

quite a cool tutorial that shows how to make your standard Monarch social share into a fixed to footer social share bar.

Divi Meetup at WordCamp Orange County 2016

Wish i was going!.

Elegant Themes' Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale is still on if you want 25% discount! Dismiss

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