Things I saw in the Divi Theme community this week.

As ever this week sees a lot happening in the Divi Theme community and as with previous weekly roudups, this post will include a number of links i have saved whilst browsing the various Divi resource websites and Divi Facebook groups.

**Links to external sites may contain affiliate links.

This week has again focused on great Divi resources coming from the team at Elegant thermes in the 100 day Divi 3.0 countdown. Check out some of the links below and stay updated on everything Divi.

If you have a cool tutorial, new plugin/child theme or anything that the Divi community should know about please drop me a line in case i miss it in the many Divi Facebook groups!

Divi 3.0 countdown. Days 37-43

Day 37– Free Divi Split Screen Layout Kit.
Day 38– Divi 3.0 Sneak Peek: A Look At Divi’s Upcoming Inline Editing Capabilities.
Day 39– Lead Designer Mario Maruffi on Divi 3.0, Design Theory, and Much More.
Day 40– 5 Ways to Get Creative with Divi’s Person Module
Day 41– 5 Stunning Divi Site Makeovers And What Makes Them Super Effective
Day 42– Download The Free Divi Contact Pages Layout Pack.
Day 43– Uncommonly Good Community: Divi Nation at WordCamp Orange County 2016
Day 44– Download The Free Divi Custom Button Module Design Kit.

3 new Divi Child Themes

More great Divi child themes available in the Divi community. View Clarity, Soho, Flora and all 74 child themes on DTE.

Overlapping sections .JSON layout file

A free layout from Love Divi to create overlapping sections.

Wordcamp OC

This looked like a lot of fun and those who made the journey to be there were lucky enough to get a special live sneak peak at Divi 3.0!

Full Width Header Extended module plugin

I got sent a copy to play with and made a quick video of what it can do 🙂

Divi Theme Examples Plugin page updates

I had managed to let the plugins page get a little out of date, but it has been given an update and now includes every Divi plugin on the market today! The Divi custom blog module was the latest addition…

Move your header email/social icons

A quick tutorial that walks you through moving your headers contact email and social icons to be inline with your main centered navigation.

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