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With an intuitive workflow, visual drag-and-drop page builder and many free pre-made Divi designs that are ready to load into your page at the click of a button, Divi is a great WordPress theme for beginners to use. But as with anything in life, there is a bit of a learning curve and this takes the time that many people simply do not have whilst running their own business.

If your core business workload means you are unable to spend the time it takes setting-up your new Divi website, or you have updates, fixes or improvements that need completing, then it is time to reach out to the Divi designer & developer community and pay for someone to do the work for you. The good news is that Divi is hugely popular and the pool of people able to work with Divi is large and diverse.

Hiring someone for web work and handing over control can be daunting, but if you take your time and select the right candidate you will be able to free up your valuable time for your own business needs or just to reclaim a bit more of your social or family life.

Find Divi freelancers in the Facebook group

Divi freelancers for hire Facebook group

With a hugely active Divi community, we have a lot of great Facebook groups and the specific one you need to join if you are looking to hire a Divi freelancer is the Divi Freelancers For Hire Facebook group. This group was created specifically for the purpose of posting your Divi related job offers and group rules limit it this alone. With over 4600 current members in the group, you are sure to get a lot of responses and offers if you post your job requirements in the group.

Please take note of the Divi Freelancers For Hire group rules & guidelines before posting in the group:

  1. Post a clear & concise description of your job.
  2. Clearly define the following 3 things in each post:
  3. When a position has been filled, please delete your post.
  4. It is YOUR responsibility to vet/research potential candidates.
  5. This group and its admins are NOT responsible for any disputes that arise from business relationships formed in this group.
  6. All posts are manually approved by admins and moderators and we reserve the right to delete posts and ban users who do not comply with these rules without notice.
  7. Refrain from self-promotion. All posts should be job postings only. Self-promotion and personal ads will be promptly deleted and will result in you being banned from the group.
  8. Do not contact other members of this group offering unsolicited help and services. It is fine to respond to help wanted posts, but do not use this group to advertise your services to those who have not requested it. Violators will be immediately banned.
  9. If you feel someone is paying a low rate please keep it to yourself and skip that post. Our members are worldwide so what one person is willing to work for, another may not be, and currency exchange rates vary worldwide. Any bullying, shaming, or harassing comments will be deleted and you will be removed without notice.

Find Divi freelancers and agencies in the Divi showcase

hire divi web designer

Divi Theme Examples showcase is a collection of the best examples of websites built with Divi and out of the 2000+ websites listed, close to 300 are tagged with “web design”. The majority of websites listed here are freelance web designers and agencies who have chosen Divi for their own portfolio or agency site.

When you see a web designer site in the showcase you know for one, that they love Divi and know how to use it and two because they made it into the Divi Theme Examples showcase they are also able to produce a great looking Divi site too.

Find Divi developers on Upwork

divi developers on upwork

Upwork (formerly Elance-oDesk) “is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.” and with Divi being the #1 WordPress Theme there are a lot of freelancers on Upwork who are available for Dive website work. All you need to do is set up an account and post your job (for free) and freelancers will contact you via the Upwork messaging platform with their offer and details.

Payments are held in escrow and you can add milestone payments for larger or on-going projects. There is also a timesheet system for hourly jobs that logs your freelancers hours and takes screenshots as they work. Make sure to check a users job success rate and feedback as it can be a bit hit or miss with quality,

Have you hired a Divi expert and outsourced your website work?

If you have used any of the resources above to find someone to help out with your Divi site or have other places to suggest drop a comment below and let us know how it went. P.S. I’m still waiting for the right candidate for my post in the Divi Freelancers for Hire group asking for a content creator for this and other Divi website 🙂

Add your Divi portfolio URL in the comments

If you are a Divi freelancer or agency, feel free to drop your URL into the comments with a brief description of what you offer and your future employer or client may see it 🙂

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