Divi Theme Examples has just had an overhaul for the main Divi showcase with the addition of some cool new feature.

1. I now have 1 main Divi Theme Showcase page which is based on WooCommerce. This allows the examples to be searched by categories and tags and via a text search field. You can also see the last 10 examples you viewed in the page sidebar. I have included a zoom effect on the images so you can get a better view of the screenshots before clicking through to the website example in a new tab and pagination to help with navigating through the examples.

2. I have also added a rating system that allows users to vote (1-10 stars) on each of the Divi examples. The best 10 ranking Divi examples will be displayed on the sidebar of the page so you can easily find the best Divi examples based on user ratings. Ratings can only be made 1 time per example per user and the system is based on the Rating Widget plugin. For my personal picks for the best Diviexamples you can view the category The Very Best Of Divi.

3. On internal pages, (such as Gill Maheu) for each examples you can view now the image in a lightbox pop-up, view the description of the example, comment using FB comments and  share via social media.

I have lots more great Divi theme examples to add to the showcase. For notification of new sites please join the Divi Theme Example FB group.

Divi theme examples - a showcase of Divi themes

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