Divi has grown a community unlike any other WP theme and Facebook is one of the places you can learn, share and interact with other Divi Theme users. There are quite a few Divi Facebook groups now so take your pick for the one that may best suit your needs, skill level and personality.

Divi Theme Examples(10/02/16) 2564 1900 members. Run by divithemeexamples.com this group is mainly for sharing and viewing examples of websites made using the Divi Theme, getting feedback on Divi designs and general Divi tips, tricks and resources.

Divi Theme Users – (10/02/16) 10128 7500 members. Run by elegantmarketplace.com, this is the original and largest Divi FB group, which can be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. Lots of really useful people and info in this very active group, but can get a bit repetitive.

Elegant Themes – Divi users – 1500 members. Similar to the Divi Theme Users group but smaller

Divi Evolve – 220 members. This is an advanced Divi user group and not suitable for beginner questions.

Divi Theme Help & Share – 800 members. Similar to the bigger groups, but smaller. Some very talented peeps in here.

Elegant Themes users community – 250 members Started by Geno Quiroz so even if only Geno posts there, it’s well worth joining as he has some cool tricks up his sleeve.

Divi Theme Tutorials – 500 members. Run by divi.tutsdirectory.com, a collection of links to various Divi tutorials and resources.

Divi Freelancers For Hire – 700 members. A Divi theme specific job board group.

WordPress Security, Themes, Plugins and Divi too! – 500 members.



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