Divi is the number 1 selling WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes and it has grown a huge community of users. Many can be found in the various Divi Facebook groups.

We all probably spend way too much time on Facebook, but it is a great place to learn, share, and interact with a helpful group of other Divi users. For many, the Facebook groups are their go-to resource if they have an issue they need help with or just to see what others are doing with the Theme.

There is 1 Facebook group for Divi you need to join today

There are many Divi Facebook groups available but I tend to use a few key groups that provide useful content and helpful members.

If you only want to join one of the many Divi Facebook groups, then you can just join the Divi Theme Users group (#1 below) and stop reading here.

1. Divi Theme Users (48,000 members)

Divi Theme Users Facebook group

After an eventful past, the Divi Theme Users group has ended up being the official Elegant Themes Facebook group and is run and moderated by the staff at Elegant Themes along with moderation help from a number of long-time community members.

It is the largest Facebook group for Divi by a long way and will pretty much cover all your needs in 1 place. If you are learning to use Divi, then this group will be invaluable.

With so many users, this group is going to get your questions answered in the quickest time.

There are specific days for specific days to help keep the spam down and make it a little easier to follow along with what’s new in the community.

  • General Divi support questions and Divi-related posts allowed.
  • Moderator Monday is a post from the moderators to highlight a moderator profile or to push reminders of group rules
  • Tutorial Tuesday feature a post for anyone to share their Divi-related blog posts and video tutorials to the group. These are not allowed on any other day or outside this weekly thread.
  • Web Design Wednesdays feature a post for anyone to share their Divi websites with the group. These are not allowed on any other day or outside this weekly thread.
  • Product Thursday feature a post for anyone to share their 3rd party Divi products with the group. These are not allowed on any other day or outside this weekly thread.
  • Freebie Friday feature a post for anyone to share their Divi freebies with the group. These are not allowed on any other day or outside this weekly thread.

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The other Facebook groups for Divi you should probably join too

If the Divi Theme Users group is not enough for your Divi group needs, then there are dozens of other options available. Below are a few more Divi FB groups you may want to join.

2. Divi Theme Examples (17,000 members)

Divithemeexamples.com Facebook group

This is the official group for divithemeexamples.com and is primarily for sharing examples of websites made using Divi. Get feedback from the community and a little extra kudos to let you know you’re a great designer too.

Any Divi-related posts are allowed but there are no 3rd party commercial posts or blog posts so that the focus can stay on sharing examples of how Divi is being used to create awesome websites.

Join the group, Share your work with others, and get inspired by what the community has created.

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3. Divi Theme Layouts (4,000 members)

Divi Layouts FB group

This is the official group for divilayouts.com and is primarily for listing and sharing the new Divi layouts that are added to the directory.

If you have a great Divi layout to share then this is the place to do so. You can also post any support questions if they are directly related to Divi layouts and the Divi layout system.

Any non-Divi layout posts are deleted, so use one of the other Divi groups for general Divi issues, questions, and chat.

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4. Divi Freelancers for Hire (6,000 members)

Divi Freelancers for Hire FB group

Post your job and find Divi freelancers or businesses to hire for your Divi website project or problem.

This Divi FB group is specifically for hiring Divi developers and designers and nothing else. These types of posts looking for paid help are not allowed in almost all other Divi Facebook groups so if you are looking to hire, do it here.

Post your job and hopefully, you will find your ideal candidate. It’s not a group to promote your own Divi services, and any posts offering these will be deleted.

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And a few more groups you might like

The 4 groups already listed should keep you busy, but there are many more FB groups for Divi users that may suit you for various reasons so below are a few more groups that may be worth checking out also. There are a few general groups that run in a similar, but smaller, way to the main Divi Theme Users group.

With Divi having users from all around the world, some prefer to discuss Divi in their mother language or just with people in their own country. There are several country-specific Divi Facebook groups too.

Divi groups for general Divi discussion

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share Facebook group

Elegant Themes Users Community

Divi SEO Pro

Divi & Extra for Business

Divi Web Designers

Divi groups for specific countries

Dutch Divi users

Vietnamese Divi Users

Portuguese Divi Users

Philippine Divi Users

French Divi Users

South African Divi Users,

Use Facebook responsibly

Facebook is great for getting the latest Divi news, examples, tutorials and solving our problems when they arise, but don’t overdo the Facebook time. If you think you may be spending too much time on Facebook, put your tablet down, turn off your phone and laptop and go and do something more fun instead.

And when you do go into one of the Facebook groups, be nice. help if you can and you will find them a valuable resource.

*post updated from 2015

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