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Divi is the number 1 selling WordPress Theme from Elegant Themes and has grown a huge community of users unlike any other WordPress theme. We all probably spend way too much time on Facebook, but it is a great place to learn, share and interact with other Divi Theme users. There are now quite a few Divi Facebook groups available but i tend to stick to a few key groups that provide useful content and helpful members.


best divi facebook groups

The 3 best Divi Facebook groups I tend to use are…

Divi Theme Examples Facebook group 15,000 members.

This is the group for Divi Theme Examples and is for sharing examples of websites made using the Divi Theme for feedback and kudos. Divi related posts are also allowed but there are no commercial posts or blog posts. Share your work and get inspired

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share Facebook group  15000 members.

This is a group run by a large group of  veteran Divi developers and covers everything related to Divi and a few general WordPress topics too. Naked Thursdays has a free for all post where you can share anything you have been working on,

Divi Freelancers For Hire Facebook group – 4500 members.

If you are looking for paid help with your Divi site, this group is here specifically for hiring Divi developers and designers. Post your job and hopefully you will find your ideal candidate. It’s not a group to promote your own Divi services tho, so don’t go spamming your wares!

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