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Divi Fluid Styles update

Divi version 3.3 ( updated 05-16-2018 )– Added new Fluid Styles System for the Visual Builder.– Added the ability to copy any option or option group.– Added the ability to paste options and option groups from one module to another.– Added the ability to reset module...

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Divi Design Initiative 2.0 = more free layout packs

Elegant Themes will now be releasing 2 new free layout packs every week It's not been too long since Elegant Themes announced they were going to be releasing a new layout pack each and every Monday for Divi users to use for free and without any restrictions, and today...

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Divi Course: Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery Course

Learn how to take Divi to the next level with SJ James It's been a long time coming but SJ's Divi course, Transforming Divi with CSS & jQuery is finally here and with it comes the opportunity for you to extend Divi well beyond what is available within the...

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Divi 3.1 released – Divi Developers

The Divi developer API version is here If you have a website built with the Divi Theme then you have probably noticed the unusual lack of updates recently. The main reason for this is that the team at Elegant Themes have been busy working hard on a new Divi developer...

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10 years of Elegant Themes + 20% discount

Elegant Themes is 10! "It’s amazing to look back over the past 10 years and see just how far the Elegant Themes community has come. I am inspired every day by this huge, talented web design family that we are so lucky to be a part of. 🙂" Nick Roach, Founder, Elegant...

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Free Divi Child Themes up for grabs from B3 Multimedia

Win 1 of 5 Marvel Divi Child Themes from B3 Multimedia B3 Multimedia has been creating high quality premium Divi child themes for quite a while now and if you have ever seen their work you will know you get quite a bang for your buck. Marvel Child theme for Divi is...

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Divi Cloud Layouts coming soon from Elegant Themes

Soon you will be able to load your Divi Layouts within the Divi Builder Elegant Themes mentioned quite a while ago now that they are planning to add a new feature that would allow you to load your Divi layouts from a cloud based system directly into the...

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Divi Theme Examples is 3!

But, I forgot to organize a party... Another year has passed for Divi Theme Examples and to be honest I only just remembered that it was 3 years since i started the site as a place to showcase the best hand picked examples of websites using the Divi Theme...

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Divi Theme Examples switch http to https

If it's not broke, don't fix it...unless Google asks you to. Converting Divi Theme Examples to run on https:// has been on my to-do list for quite a while now, but with a well ranked, high traffic site I was not willing to risk the possible loss of ranking that may...

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New Divi feature updates October 2017

What's new with Divi this month? The Divi Theme is one of the most updated out there and is a continually evolving and improving Wordpress Theme. The team at Elegant Themes are working around the clock to bring feature updates alongside any required bug...

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Divi Theme black Friday (2017)

Divi Black Friday 2018 deals start Friday, November 23rd 2018Black Friday is almost here and it is a great time to go shopping for Divi Theme bargains as many great deals from not only Elegant Themes, but from 3rd party Divi developers too. This page will be updated...

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Divi Theme Examples now on Siteground hosting

You can now find the best Divi examples even faster! Divi Theme Examples has been hosted in Australia with Panthur hosting since it was set up almost 3 years ago. I was living in Sydney for 12 years and creating websites for Australian clients when I signed up for my...

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New Divi builder Click Mode and Grid Mode

Using the Visual builder in Divi just got even easier! After using the back-end builder in Divi for so long, the front-end visual builder took a little while to get used to, but after a bit of time it became clear it was so much better. Even with the...

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Free Divi layouts from Elegant Themes

Weekly free layouts for Divi are on the way! Nick Roach has just announced that Elegant Themes will be releasing free layouts and full layout packs for Divi every single week from here on out! We already have quite a few free layouts that Elegant Themes...

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New Divi Theme animations

Using the new Divi Theme animations all on 1 page is a bad idea! With version 3.0.72 ( updated 9-5-2017 ) Divi got some cool animation upgrades which means that you can now add, and customize, animations to any Divi section, row or module. Animations can add some...

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New Divi Background options + free layouts

Background settings in the Divi Theme just got a makeover. The Divi Theme is in a constant state of improvement and version 3.0.48 ( updated 5-31-2017 ) brought us a new set of background options that will make adding cool background effects to your Divi builder a...

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Divi Theme price change

How much is Divi? The short answer is that to get the Divi Theme it will cost you $89 which is the price for an annual membership at Elegant Themes. Divi is 1 of the 87 Wordpress Themes and 3 Wordpress Plugins available in the Elegant Themes membership which costs $89...

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Divi Theme Plugins directory launched

Find every Divi plugin in the Divi Theme Plugins directory. This newly launched Divi Theme Plugins directory site lists all the plugins for the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes so you can easily find the plugin you need, or never knew you needed. The site lists every...

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Elegant Themes in 2017 – Divi Nation Short

Where is Divi and Elegant Themes going in 2017? In this episode of the Divi Nation short podcast* Nathan B Weller outlines what 2017 will bring for Elegant Themes, the Divi Theme and the Divi community. In 2017 the team at Elegant Themes wants to make us, the Divi...

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Elegant Themes Cyber Monday 2016 discounts

25% of Elegant Themes upgrades extended for Cyber Monday 2016 The Black Friday sales at Elegant Themes saw 25% off along with a huge number of bonus gifts and another free layout pack. To celebrate Cyber Monday Elegant themes have decided to extend the 25% discount...

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Divi Black Friday Sales 2016

Find the best Divi + Elegant Themes Black friday deals for 2017If you missed the 2016 deals listed below, don't miss out in 2017. We will be listing all the best 2018 Black friday deals for Divi and Elegant Themes, so grab yourself a discount.Divi Theme 2016 Black...

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The Divi Daily has started

Get Daily Divi resources from Elegant Themes Elegant Themes has just announced that they will be providing Divi content for the Divi community every single day! After the success of the Divi 100 series which saw 100 days of Divi resources in lead up to the release of...

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Divi Theme Examples giveaway winners are…

Divi Theme Examples is now officially 2 years old and the DTE Giveaway is over for another year! As you probably know, we have been running a huge Divi giveaway with 20 prize bundles up for grabs that include over $2500 worth of products from your favourite Divi...

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Divi Theme Examples showcase gallery is 2

Divi Theme Examples will be 2 years old on 7th November and to celebrate we have got a huge Divi giveaway with over $2000 worth of Divi products & 20 limited edition Divi T-Shirts up for grabs. Another year has almost passed at Divi Theme Examples and it's been a...

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Divi Layout on DTE gets a makeover

Finding your Divi Theme layouts just got easier. Divi Layouts are becoming increasing popular and the number available to download and use in your Divi builder has grown fast since the 1st layouts were released with Divi 2.7. This is of course a great thing for the...

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Divi Chat Podcast

The Divi Chat Podcast is born Divi Chat is a brand new, weekly Divi Theme podcast created by David Blackmon (Aspen Grove Studios) and hosted by a group of 12 web developers from the Divi community. "The Divi Chat Podcast is meant to be fun, engaging, maaaaybe...

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Divi 3 WordPress Theme released

Divi 3 Wordpress Theme is finally here... and it looks awesome! After 100 days of free Divi resources, today sees the release of the much anticipated Divi 3 Wordpress Theme from Elegant Themes. I will be checking out all the new features of Divi 3 soon, but for now,...

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99 new Divi Theme Examples added today

Day 99 = 99 new Divi examples added to the DTE showcase It's been 99 days since Nick Roach and the Elegant Themes team announced the countdown to the release of Divi 3. Over the past 99 days we have been treated to a huge amount of Free Divi Resources from Elegant...

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Divi community roundup #10

Divi 3.0 is coming in less than 2 days 🙂 This week sees us in the final week of the 100 day countdown to the release of Divi 3 and the anticipation levels are high. We have seen some Divi 3 sneak peeks from Elegant Themes over the past months and the new front end...

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Divi 3 previews from Elegant Themes

Divi 3.0 will be released on September 7th 2016 Just over 3 months ago Elegant Themes announced that their flagship Wordpress theme, Divi, would be getting a substantial upgrade when Divi 3.0 is released on September 7th 2016. A 100 day Divi 3 countdown was also...

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