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Adding a full width RevSlider to your Divi website

The Divi slider works well for many sites, but some people want a little extra functionality than it can offer. There are numerous request in the various Divi Facebook groups for Divi slider alternatives and Rev Slider (along with Layer Slider) is the one that usually...

Stop the menu shrinking in Divi 2.4

The shrinking menu in Divi 2.4 looks nice, but it's not for everyone, so if that's you and you want the Divi menu to stay the same size before and after scroll all you need to do is go into the Divi Theme Customizer > header & navigation and set the menu/logo...

Change the Divi dropdown menu arrow to +

On the Divi theme dropdown menu there is a down arrow. If you want to replace this with a + (or whatever) you can add the following CSS code into your ePanel or Divi Child theme. Use this list (the CSS column) to add your own icons into the menu. #top-menu...

Swap home text for icon in Divi

If you want to swap your home text for a home icon in your Divi menu you need to; 1. Upload an image icon to your media library and copy the image path (click on the image in the library once uploaded to get the image path URL). 2. In your Appearance>menu settings,...

Divi Theme reviews

Divi Theme reviews

I obviously like the Divi Theme and give it good reviews, as I set this website up to showcase sites made using it, but what are others saying about the Divi theme. Here are a few Divi Theme reviews I came across online. As you can see Divi is getting some pretty good...

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