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Create animated CSS background in Divi

Create animated CSS background in Divi

Add a bit of extra movement into your Divi website like on the homepage of Divi Theme Examples with CSS gradient animations. The technique was created using the gradient animator site with a few edits of the code to make it work how I needed. 1 - First you will need...

Create colored Google maps in Divi

With almost every website having a Google map integrated, you may want to add some custom colour to make your map stand out from the crowd. You can use the snazzy maps plugin ($5) or with a little extra work can just follow their instructions to add the code and get...

Show slider text and button on mobile in Divi

By default the slider text and button will NOTshow on mobiles. If you want to show your slider text and button on mobile in Divi using the following code in your ePanel or child themes style.css file. @media only screen and (max-width: 767px) { .et_pb_slide_content,...

Add pointer between Divi sections

If you want to add a dividing arrow between your sections in Divi, add the following code to your ePanel cutom CSS, or into your child themes CSS file. So, give your Section a class name of downarrow. If your following section is a different colour than #fff, you will...

Make the Divi header menu transparent

Having a transparent header in Divi is a common design trend which allows your hero section to have a greater impact when the user first visits your site. The Navigation menu is still visible but the menu bar it sits in is transparent as in the screenshot below....

Add greyscale maps in Divi

Add greyscale maps in Divi

Grey (google) maps look cool, so here is the custom CSS code you need to add to your ePanel, or Divi Child theme to turn off the colour on your Divi map module. .et_pb_map_container { filter: url("data:image/svg+xml;utf8,<svg...

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