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Date added: February 23, 2018


Bambi Blurbs plugin for Divi

The Bambi Blurbs plugin for Divi allows you to add (90+) Animated SVG icons and also allows you to customise colours, hover effects and have some control over the animation.

What can you change with the Plugin?
You can change the following and have control over:
Hover Effects
– slide-in left to right
– slide-up
– slide triangle behind
– shadow bottom
– tilt icon left
– bounce
– none
Change Icon Colours
– outline
– fill
– background
Animation Control
– loop animation
– on hover: infinite loop
– off – no animation
Icon Size
– Icons have a default size which can be adjusted under “Design” as a percentage
– Icons can be scaled independently for desktop, tablet and mobile views
– To keep it mobile friendly, icons cannot be bigger than the container they are in


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