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Date: July 23, 2019


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Blood Bikes Wales is a non-profit charity that enables motorcycle couriers to deliver emergency blood supplies, plasma, documents and other items between hospitals in Wales.

Welcome to Blood Bikes Wales, your number one charity delivery service for the NHS riding all across Wales to save lives. Get involved today!

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Keelan Jonathan

Hi, there!

Just stumbled across your site as I’m currently looking for inspiration on a new project and came across the Blood Bikes Wales website. This was an early project of mine when I first started out freelancing in my local are in South Wales. I imagine these lists are auto generated using some sort of algorithm but would it be possible to credited? My name is Keelan Jonathan and my website can be found here:

Kind regards,


websites on Divi Theme Examples are selected and added manually by me which takes time, but it also means I only add examples that are worth taking a look at. Description updated. Nice site…

Keelan Jonathan

That’s amazing, thanks for getting back to me. Much appreciated Craig!

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