This website example is built with the Divi Theme and WordPress for Cedura.
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Example added/updated: July 15, 2021

Market research agency website built with Divi Theme

This Divi website is for an agency that specializes in market research, market intelligence and it also offers customized IT Services and Solutions for its clients.

“Our redesign focused on highlighting the various USPs of the company; among them is a free test that they offer to their clients where they sometimes invest WEEKS setting up test environments to convince a client that their software is the right solution for them. We tried to make it very easy to get in touch with them with contact forms on almost every single page.

The design is heavily inspired by their minimalistic logo and we featured the same look in many other elements on the page, e.g. the buttons – so they first have rounded borders but once you hover over them, the top right corner will turn into a tiny square that resembles the element you can see in the logo.

We are using some great graphics to explain the differences between their various departments and have “Learn More” elements on subpages that show you more information without the need to reload the page. So we do provide a quick overview but we also don’t hesitate to give a lot more details once a visitor is interested in learning more about their services.

Lastly, their references are now dedicated sub-pages that provide A LOT more information about past projects (before the redesign, there were only some quick highlights mentioned about their past projects). They look pretty great in my personal opinion and you can check one out here – https://cedura.de/project/marktanalyse/” – Oliver Gehrmann

This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins:

  • Contact Form 7
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  • Ewww Image Optimizer