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Divi website award
Date: April 17, 2018


Desktop Menu Customizer plugin for Divi Theme

The Divi Desktop Menu Customizer plugin allows you to customize the Default and Centered header formats of Divi theme for desktop screens.

Plugin features;
Add background image to header
Apply gradients to header and the dropdown menu separately
Apply shadows to header and dropdown menu separately
Fully control the look and feel of menu items (colors, borders, background, etc. )
Apply hover styles to menu items (colors, borders, background, etc. )
Style the current(active) menu item
Fully control the search icon style (background shape, size, colors, hover styles, etc.)
Style the shopping cart icon (background shape, size, colors, hover styles, etc.)
Style header and submenu of Primary nad Fixed navigations independently from each other
Style Vertical Navigation
Apply different animations for menu and search field
Automatic updates
More features coming soon

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