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Date Added: September 26, 2022


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Divi Accessibility Helper plugin

Divi Accessibility Helper plugin is a premium Divi plugin created by Divi Codex that makes your website more usable for people with disabilities.

The website should be easy to use by keyboard and mouse users, screen reader users, and speech recognition software.

WCAG2 guidelines are an industry standard and are the basis for features found in the Divi Accessibility Helper plugin. The plugin will help to make your website WCAG2 compliant, but they do not guarantee that all WCAG2 guidelines are followed.

The main features and options in the Divi Accessibility Helper plugin include;

  • Automatically update Alt text for images on the front end even if it gets updated in WordPress Library.
  • Automatically update Title text for images on the front end when it gets updated in WordPress Library.
  • Disable inline scripts and styles and enqueue scripts and styles files.
  • Allow Divi modules such as Toggle & Accordion to be focusable with keyboard navigation. Hitting enter will open/close when focused.
  • Add appropriate ARIA attributes across Divi elements & modules.
    Option to underline all links
  • Add plugin screen reader class used on certain labels & reverses Divi incorrectly applying display: none; on its own screen reader classes.
  • Add an outline to focused elements when navigating with the keyboard.
  • This option prevents WordPress from adding a unique ID to the menu list items.
  • Hide icons to screen readers, so the text is read normally.
  • Apply Aria attributes to the mobile (hamburger) menu to make it accessible. Close menu when focus out required “Skip Navigation Link” to be enabled.
  • Fix missing labels & incorrect or missing assignments to their corresponding inputs.
  • Allow easier navigation of Divi dropdown menus with the keyboard.
  • Add a small button to the bottom corner of the site to visualize how your site performs with assistive technologies. (only for Admin users)

Divi Accessibility Helper pricing

This plugin is available to buy via the Elegant Themes marketplace.

Buy via the Elegant Themes official marketplace;

  • This plugin is available to buy via the Elegant Themes marketplace as an unlimited site license for $49.99.
  • The price includes 1 year of updates and support.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when buying products via the Elegant Themes marketplace.

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