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Divi Site Of The Day Award
Date: June 13, 2019


Divi Dream Tool is a premium Divi plugin that adds 29 custom Divi modules, 5 widgets and various additional options to your Divi Builder and is available to buy directly from the developer at Divi Professional.

Much like Divi Switch and Divi Booster, this plugin adds a large and diverse range of new features and options to your Divi website and whilst you may not use all of them you may well be able to save a lot of development time by using the plugin.

The Divi Dream Tool plugin costs $99 for a single site license or $199 for an unlimited site license. This is a 1-time fee and does not need to be renewed annually.

29 Custom Modules included in the plugin;

  • DDT Testimonial Slider, DDT Testimonial List, DDT Testimonial Grid: Each Module have 5 Styles
  • DDT Team Members List View, DDT Team Members Grid View, DDT Team Members Slider View, DDT Team Members Horizontal View: Each Module have 5 Styles
  • DDT Image Hover Box: 15 Styles,
  • DDT Agents Grid View, DDT Agents List View: Each Module have 2 Styles
  • DDT Property List View, DDT Property Grid View, DDT Property Slider View, DDT Property Table View: Each Module have 3 Styles
  • DDT Event List View, DDT Event Grid View, DDT Event Slider View: Each Module have 3 Styles
  • DDT CPT Slider List ViewDDT CPT Posts List Grid, DDT CPT Posts List View, DDT CPT Slider Masonry View: Each Module have 3 Styles
  • DDT Property Full-Width Slider,
  • DDT Flip Box,
  • DDT Image Swap: 11 Styles,
  • DDT Woo Slider View
  • DDT Facebook,
  • DDT Twitter,
  • DDT Instagram,
  • DDT Tilt Image

Widgets included in the Divi Dream Tool;

  • DDT CPT Post
  • DDT Property Slider
  • DDT Property Widget
  • DDT Upcoming Events
  • DDT Testimonial slider

General options included in the Divi Dream Tool;

  • Modules On/Off Option
  • Preloader
  • Backtotop
  • Hamburger Menu Options
  • CTA Menu Option with Popup
  • Header [ 20 Styles ]
  • Footer [ 30 Styles ]
  • Social Icon Effects
  • Global Heading Settings
  • 404
  • SVG
  • Hide/Rename Projects Settings


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