Divi Feature Requests

This website example is built with the Divi Theme and WordPress for Divi Feature Requests.
Example added/updated: March 7, 2019

Divi Feature Requests

A 3rd party website that allows you to submit and vote for Divi feature requests. Each request also comes with a recommended 3rd party plugin that may solve your feature requests until it becomes available in the core theme.

New features are released regularly for Divi and Elegant Themes give us sneak peeks as to what features will be added. You can view a list of feature releases and upcoming features for Divi here.

Do you have a Divi feature request or want to votes on others? Now you can browse the top Divi feature requests and vote on features you like.

This Divi Theme website uses the following WordPress plugins;

Kk Cust Form
Bwl Pro Voting Manager