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Date Added: July 10, 2018


Divi Hack plugin for the Divi Theme

The Divi hacks plugin for Divi adds various hacks to your Divi site without having to search and implement the code yourself.

DiviHacks plugin features

Create custom row layouts, change column structure on mobile devices, and modify column widths.
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Center Alignment
Vertically center content inside sections, rows, and modules
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Mobile Menus
Jazz up the boring mobile menu with a slide-in or fullscreen mobile menu.
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Force Footer to Bottom
This hack stops the footer from floating in the middle of pages that have very little or no content.
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Sticky Element
Create custom row layouts, change column structure on mobile devices, and modify column widths.
The documentation menu above is an example.

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Lightbox Anything
Put any section, row, or module inside a lightbox or popup. Go ahead, click me to try it out!

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Auto-Hide Admin Bar
Hide the admin bar while on the front-end and activating it by hovering over the top 10px of the window.
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User Meta Shortcodes
Easily display the first, last, full, and display names, email, and avatar of the currently logged in user.
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Coming Soon/Maintenance Mode
Create a custom coming soon/maintenance mode page to show to non-logged-in visitors, instead of the rest of the website.
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Custom 404 Page
Display a custom page when visitors navigate to a page that doesn't exist and get the 404 error page.
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Custom Login Page & Default Login Customizations
Customize the default WordPress login page, or create your own custom page.
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Custom Tab Alignment
Align the tabs to the top, bottom, left, or right side of the tab content. Plus a bunch of other tab design customizations.
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Mobile Reverse
Reverse the order of columns in a row on both tablets and phones.
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Full Height Element
Make any section, row, or element the full height of the browser window. You can also subtract the height of the headers and footer for more customization.
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Parallax Overlays
Enable a background overlay color and gradient on parallaxed background images and add additional classes to reflect and rotate the gradient.
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Blur Parallax Backgrounds
Make your content stand out by bluring the background parallax images.
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Text Styles
Give any text in a button or text module some fancy, 3D styles.
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Module Shapes
Give your elements shapes to add perspective and make your content stand out.
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Image Shapes
Turn your images into shapes.
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Mobile Headers
Transform the default header on mobile devices.
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Replace RSS Icon with Instagram Icon
Who uses that RSS icon? This replaces it with the Instagram icon.
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Turn the blurb into a perfect circle.
Heading Banner
Give the blurb module a cool banner background for the blurb title.
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This is an example of using the testimonial module as an event box.
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Presented by Event Facilitator or Subtitle
Event Box

Instagram Filters
Give any module, column, row, or section one of 41 different Instagram filters.
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Elegant Sidebar Shadow
Give the sidebar an elegant shadow to the inside of the page.
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Instagram Icon Gradient
Give your Instagram Icon in the Social Media Follow Module the cool Instagram gradient.
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Add cool animations to your elements when the page loads, and also when you hover over the element.
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Edit in Visual Builder
Add a link to your WordPress pages page to open and edit the page using the front-end Visual Builder.

Blurb Effects
Create cool animated blurbs with hover effects.

Blog Styles
Transform a boring full-width blog module layout into 3 different layouts.

Mobile Headers
Transform the default header on mobile devices.

Menu Animations
Add some hover animations to your default menus.

Hide/Show Content if Logged In/Out
Easily hide or show content to people who are logged in or out.

Element Shadows
Add shadows to elements for a more 3D, realistic style.

Divi Theme Options Tweaks
Improve your experience when adding custom CSS to the Custom CSS box in the Divi Theme Options.

Modules Inside Modules
Easily insert modules inside other modules by using a shortcode.

Collapse Mobile Submenus
Collapse your submenus on mobile devices

Device-Specific Classes
Write Custom CSS for specific devices (responsive css) without the need for media queries.

Mobile-Friendly Backend Builder
Edit your website on the go with a fully responsive backend builder.

Visual Builder Module Hover Helper
Edit your content in visual builder's hover mode without all the grey boxes getting in the way of your text.

Section Divider Shadows
Add elegant shadows to your section dividers

Add Quick Links to Admin Bar
Edit your website on your mobile device easier with quick links to the visual builder and Divi theme options page.
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Columns in Dropdowns
Enable columns in the primary and secondary menu dropdowns.

Duplicate Pages/Posts/Layouts
Easily duplicate a post, page, or Divi layout from the admin dashboard.

Font Awesome Icons in Menus
Enable over 1,100 icons from Font Awesome in the primary, secondary, and footer menus.

Hide Headers, Footer, & Logo on a Page-by-Page Basis
Easily hide the primary menu bar, the secondary menu bar, the logo, and/or the footer on a page-by-page basis by adding simple custom fields to the page or post.

SVG Uploads
We've enabled SVG support so your graphics and logo can look super crisp no matter what size!

Extended Theme Customizer
We've added tons of new settings to the default Divi Theme Customizer to make customizing the header and footer a whole lot easier!


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