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Date Added: September 4, 2018
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Divi (version 4.4.4 updated 04-23-2020 ) now automatically adds the image alt text so this plugin is not generally required.

Divi does not update the module image alt text if you later change it in the media library so be sure to set the correct alt text at the beginning or update manually on existing images if required.

The changes as described in the Divi changelog – "Improved accessibility for Image and Fullwidth Image Modules by automatically including Alt and Title attributes from the image’s WP Media Library metadata when not defined in Divi Builder settings."

A Divi plugin that adds alt titles to images is no longer required in most cases.


The Divi Images Alt Text plugin attaches alt text data to your images within Divi.

By default when you add images into Divi you need to go to the advanced tab, scroll down and enter the text manually into the Atl Text area which is not really ideal as every image should always have an alt text entered.

Many people wrongly assume that when you upload an image in the media library and add your alt text, Divi will automatically use that info in the modules. Hiding this important info within the option tabs means that many Divi sites are littered with images with no alt text at all.

What is the Alt Text Plugin?

This is a FREE paid Divi Plugin that makes it easy to add alt titles of images by pooling it directly from the title of the image. This plugin also automatically fetches images and alt text from the media library (images) from every Divi module except for the gallery module. This saves a lot of time, especially for content-intensive websites, as by default you need to go to the advanced tab and enter the text manually in the area!

Alt Text Plugin Features:

  • Fetches image titles automatically from all Divi Modules
  • SEO-Friendly
  • Saves time manually adding

Who is the Alt Text Plugin for?

Images are a big part of SEO especially alt-tags which can be time-consuming to manually enter for a content-rich website with hundreds if not thousands of images.

This is where the Divi Images Alt text plugin comes in offering a solution to eliminating this unnecessarily long process of manually having to enter alt-tags by automatically pooling them from the image titles.

Useful for any developer that does SEO as it'll save you heaps of time and hassle.

You can view some great free Divi plugins in our blog post Best free Divi Plugins, or find all plugins for Divi on our plugin directory page.


6 reviews for Divi Images Alt Text

  1. Lee

    Why does this say free, but charges $20 dollars?

  2. Massimo

    Hi, this means there is no way to add Alt text to gallery modules? This is absolutely non-sense, especially for people like me that have a photography website. I have tried adding the Alt text in the image filename and that seems to work (I hope) but as a downside I am not using any special characters in the text (accents and so on) as this is not recommended. Can you provide any other solutions? Thanks

    • Craig

      version 4.4 ( updated 03-05-2020 )
      – Modified the Gallery module to include each image’s Alt Text when defined in the WP Media Library.

  3. Yan


    I’m the author of the plugin and I can tell you that it is non redundant and still useful. Please read the description on Divicake and don’t write things without knowing.

    Divi only loads alt text when inserting modules, but if you make changes later in media library, they won’t be updated in modules.
    Besides, the plugin offers a lot more options (prioritize module settings, ignore module settings, use media library title) with different combinations.

    So, in the rare case where the user has correctly written image alt text BEFORE inserting module and if he will never ever change it later, I agree that the plugin might not be useful, but I can tell you that in practice it is not so common 😉

    Have good day!

  4. Maarten

    Our agency added alt tags too all our images in the WP medialibrary. They didn’t know that Divi had it’s own alt tags functionality, so all the images that are currently on my website still don’t have alt tags. Will this plugin take the alt tags from the media library and add them to the existing images in the divi modules?

    • Craig

      not sure about the plugin, but i believe if you re-add the images Divi should then pull the data… obviously that would be a pain on an image-heavy large site!
      looking at the devs site it says alt tags are automatically updated if changed in the media library but does not specify if they can be added as in your case… could try contacting them @ https://pavenum.com/en/divi-alt-text-plugin/

  5. Ren

    I cannot find where to buy this plugin – it’s not showing when I search for it in the divi marketplace. Is it no longer available?

    • Craig

      see link above. It looks like it has not been submitted/approved for the official Elegant Themes Divi marketplace.

  6. Mike

    I am confused now. Do I still need this Plugin? I am using it for a while now. Will removing the Plugin also have some effect on my alt tags?

    I just read Jan’s reply, that the plugin is still valid, since it updates alt tags, that are only changed in the wordpress library. I just changed the tags in the wordpress library and in Divi it’s not updating.

    What should I do?

    • Craig

      Divi will not update the alt text if you decide to change it later, so just make sure you use the correct alt tag when you add the image in the 1st place. Or you can update it manually. if you have multiple instances of an image and you need to update the at text at a later date for some reason then the plugin will allow you do so for all image instances at once.

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