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Date added: September 4, 2018


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A free plugin that adds alt titles to images

The Divi Images Alt Text plugin attaches alt text data to your images within Divi.

As default when you add images into Divi you need to go to the advanced tab, scroll down and enter the text manually into the Atl Text area which is not really ideal as every image should always have an alt text entered. Hiding this important info within the option tabs means that many Divi sites are littered with images with no alt text at all. Many people wrongly assume that when you upload an image in the media library and add your alt text, that Divi will automatically use that info in the modules.

This plugin automatically fetches images alt text from your media library for every image ( or image related) module (except the Gallery module). So it will attach the alt text to images in the Image module, Fullwidth Image module, Blurb module, Fullwidth Header module, Slider module and Fullwidth Slider module.

100% Free to download too.

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