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Date: July 23, 2019


Divi Nitro plugin for Divi

Divi Nitro is a premium Divi plugin designed to speed up your website by adding various optimizations to your site.

Asset Deferral

The asset deferral feature will load various assets on your page only when they are needed so they do not all load at the same time and slow the page down. You can defer YouTube videos, Javascript code, and images. If, for example, you have a page with lots of images on then it will lazy load them as the user scrolls down the page.

Divi Image optimization features:
Defer loading of Divi Images
Defer loading of Divi Background Images
Defer loading of Images added via the WordPress editor (“add media” button)
Defer loading of Woocommerce plugin images
Defer loading of images on Divi/Extra Layout Injector plugin
Defer loading of images on Taxonomy Layout Injector plugin

Code minification + combination

The code minification and combination feature will optimize your HTML, javascript, and CSS to help reduce file sizes and server requests.

Script Minification & Combination:
Minify & Combine JavaScript
Minify & Combine CSS
Inline HTML, CSS and JavaScript Minification
Defer parsing of JavaScript

General Divi speed optimization features:
Disable Divi Google Fonts
Disable Open sans font that gets added either by WordPress or the Monarch plugin made by elegant themes
Remove Divi Scripts unless you are using the builder on the page or post

General WordPress speed optimization features:
Script Caching
Remove query strings from static resources
Disable Woocommerce scripts when you are not directly on a page that needs it. (speeds up other pages like your homepage)
Remove Un-used WordPress code from headers such as RSD, page short links and WordPress Generator
Remove WordPress Emoji script if you don’t need them

This plugin sells for £12 on the Divi Engine store along with a number of other plugins designed for Divi.

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