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Date: October 10, 2018



Divi Toolbox plugin

The Divi Toolbox plugin is a premium add-on for the Divi Theme that allows you to make a number of custom changes to your website via the Theme Customizer. These changes would usually require you to have knowledge of CSS, PHP or Javascript coding.

There is a long list of features and effects that can be created using the plugin which include;

  • General features;
    Customize Login Page
    Hide Projects
    Customize Social Icons
    Open Social Links in a New Tab
    Add More Social Icons
    Global Headings Style
    Customize Browser Scrollbar
    Allow SVG File Type Uploads
    Error 404 Page Layout
    Hide the 404 Header
  • Header
    Add Fancy Primary Nav Hover Effects
    Custom Dropdown Menu
    Change Logo on Fixed Menu
    Before Navigation Layout
    Before Navigation Layout – Homepage only
    Change the Header Shadow
    Add CTA Menu Button
    Enable Overlapping Logo Effect
    After Navigation Layout
  • Footer
    Sticky Footer
    Customize Footer Menu
    Back to Top Button Customization
    Change Back to Top Button Link
    Footer Reveal Effect
    Customize Footer Widgets
    Before Footer Layout
    After Footer Layout
  • Mobile
    Mobile Menu Breakpoint
    Define the screen width below which the header changes to mobile version.
    Fixed Mobile Menu
    Call to Action Menu Item
    Change Logo on Mobile
    Collapse Nested Sub Menu
    Slide-In Mobile Menu
    Custom Mobile Menu Style
    Hamburger Icon Click Animation
    Custom CSS Classes for Mobile
  • Blog
    Easily Edit Archives & Category Pages
    Hide Archives Sidebar
    Add Icons To Post Meta
    Change Read More Blog Button Text
    Add Author Box
    Add Prev/Next Posts Links
    Add Related Posts
    Change Archives Layout
    Customize Sidebar Widgets
    Customize Sidebar
    Change Single Post Layout
    Hide Post Title
    Customize Comments Form
    Add Header Layouts from the Library
  • Modules
    Follow-The-Mouse Hover Effect
    Random Modules Tweaks
    Slim Inline E-mail Optin
    Secondary Buttons
  • Extras
    3D Tilt Effect
    Moving Particles
    Parallax Modules Scrolling

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