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Date Added: November 15, 2018


You can now buy Divi child themes, layouts, and plugins in the official Divi marketplace run by Elegant Themes.

Easy Demo Import Pro plugin for Divi

What is Easy Demo Import?

Easy Demo Import is simple Divi plugin that makes simplifies the time-consuming process of creating bug-free child themes specially built for packaging and deploying Divi websites.

The keyword here being "bug-free" for the process of creating Divi child themes almost always has hiccups and tweaking until you end up with a packaged child theme or plugin that's free of bugs and error.

This is why the Easy Demo Import plugin is a very popular choice among Divi experts who create Divi Child themes for commercial mass distribution purposes.

In short, it is the quickest and easiest solution for packaging Divi Child themes and layout packs which is great for White label Website products.

Easy Demo Import Features:

  • The complex process of packaging a website simplified into one click
  • Easy Demo Content Export Settings with a high degree of customization options
  • Easy Demo Content Import Settings with a high degree of customization options
  • Special Packaging and deploying options for Divi Elegant theme websites
  • Developer Friendly Customization options
  • Great customer support with free lifetime updates

Top Reasons to get Easy Demo Import:

Complex Website Packaging Simplifies (Just One Click!)

Any Developer that’s into white label products is aware of how difficult the process of packaging and distributing a website can be. This is where Easy Demo Import pro comes in offering a simple one-click solution to packaging even the most intensive websites and more importantly without any bugs.

High Customized Packaging and Deployment Options (especially for Divi)

The Easy demo import pro is a simple yet powerful plugin that gives you the ability to create highly customized child themes and plugins. Moreover, it is tailored towards creating Divi white-label products making it a popular choice among many Divi experts.

Developer Friendly Packaging options

Today websites are quite intensive and almost always require a high degree of customizations, plugins, and custom coded elements to get that unique modern dynamic look.

This also means a more complex website child theme that’s more prone towards errors and bugs however with the Easy Demo Import PRO you have specially tailored options for Developers like PHP and JS integrations, Hooks and filters that make it easy to package even an intensive custom website.

Who is the Easy Demo Import for?

With the widespread popularity of websites, white-label products like child themes have become quite lucrative.

The white label business, however, is quite difficult as packaging an intensive website is almost always a complex process prone to bugs and errors leading to unhappy customers and worse a bad reputation!

This is why most WordPress and Divi Experts like Geno Quiroz, Tim Strifler and other Divi developers that run extremely successful white label products use and trust Easy Demo Import Pro for it saves a ton of valuable time and hassle and more importantly creates bug-free Divi Child themes and layouts!

formerly know as J.E.D.I. (Jerry’s Easy Demo Import) plugin for Divi

The J.E.D.I. plugin was updated and rebranded in 2018 but you can still read the review on Elegant Themes Blog: Divi Plugin Highlight – J.E.D.I..


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