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Date added: January 26, 2018


Mhmm (Mighty Header & Menu Maker) plugin for Divi Theme

The Mighty Header & Menu Maker plugin for Divi is released by Be Superfly and allows you to customize your Divi header way beyond whats available as default with the Divi Theme.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog Divi Plugin Highlight: Mhmm

Create your own custom Headers, Menus & Mega Menus using the Divi Builder. Set a custom breakpoint for your Menu to switch to your Mobile Menu, or use Divi’s built-in tools to change Menus & Logos on Desktop, Tablet & Mobile … and so much more!

Mighty Header & Menu Maker plugin features;
8 Included Demo Header Layouts for you to easily Import & Use
Swap Header, Menu & Logo per Page
Swap Header, Menu & Logo per Device
Multiple Header Options – Including Scroll, Stick to Top, Stick to Bottom, Start at Bottom and Stick to Top on Scroll, and more…
Create Mega Menus using the Divi Builder
Mobile Hamburger Menu Options – Multiple Hamburger Locations & Options including Color & Hover Color
Slide-In Menu Options – Choose from Fullscreen, Slide-in Left & Slide-in Right. Easily pick an Image and/or Gradient Background for your Slide-In Menu
Complete Background Control – Set your Header & Open Hamburger Menu’s background using Images, Gradients or both!
Total Font, Margin & Padding Control – Use Divi’s font picker to find the perfect font settings for your Menus. Control Horizontal Spacing for Inline Menus & Vertical Spacing for Hamburger Menus!
Stop Stacking Plugin Included – Prevent Divi’s default stacking of Columns on Tablet & Mobile with the included “Stop Stacking” Module Plugin
Extra CSS Areas – For advanced CSS customizations, we’ve added additional CSS fields in the Module’s Advanced settings area.
Simple Alignment & Submenu Transitions – On desktop, easily center your Inline Menu vertically in your Header. We’ve also included a nice sliding submenu transition to Hamburger Submenus.
Use the Divi Builder! – Build your Header & Menu (and Mega Menus!) using the Divi Builder! Need we say more? =)
Please note that your download will be a single “unzip me first” file that you will need to… unzip first. Within that are four files:

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