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Divi Site Of The Day Award
Date: February 23, 2018



Mobile Menu Customizer plugin for Divi

The Mobile Menu Customizer plugin lets you style your Divi site mobile menu via Theme Customizer with live preview.

✪ Review on Elegant Themes Blog Divi Plugin Highlight – Mobile Menu Customizer

The Divi Mobile Menu plugin allows you to modify and re-style the mobile navigation menu in Divi. use the Divi Visual Builder to create your menu layout and save it to your library. from there you can then add it to the mobile menu. You can also add any individual layout sections or modules above and/or below the normal mobile menu items.

  • 100+ Divi menu options
  • Assign a different menu for mobile devices
  • Set fixed mobile menu
  • Add hover styles
  • Change font styles
  • Change text alignment
  • Add fullwidth mobile menu
  • Edit colors, paddings, margins, borders, etc.
  • Remove the secondary menu items from the mobile menu
  • Enable search for Centered and Centered Inline Logo headers
  • Submenu styling, animations, and accordion

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