Web Freelancer layout demo

Date Added: September 17, 2018


Web Freelancer Divi layout pack demo

A 9 page free Divi layout pack designed for a freelance web services website and is developed by Elegant Themes. The layout pack comes with pre-made Case Study, Portfolio, About, Blog, Services, Contact, Landing, Home and Project page templates ready to load via the Divi builder.

This layout pack would suit any web or graphic designer (a web designer should really be making their own website tho, right!), a web programmer, logo designer or product designer. The website comes with a project page that has 2 large featured portfolio items at the top along with the standard portfolio module below. There are also case study and projects page templates for detailed descriptions of each piece of your web work.

You can access this and many more 100% free layout templates for Divi in your Divi builder or Visual Builder. All images in the layout packs are also 100% free to use for any personal or commercial project and can all be found in the resource section of this website.

** Since Divi Version 3.0.99 you can import the layouts included in this pack directly from the Divi Builder. **


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