Create a DIY (personal trainer) website using WordPress and Divi using this stupidly simple beginners guide.


stupidly simple beginners guide to creating a professional website step by step with WordPress.

It’s easy, when you know how. was created to show complete beginners how they can create a DIY website from start to finish using simple, easy to follow video tutorials. The demo site used for the guide is for a fictional Personal Trainer based in Sydney, Australia. The guide will walk you through the 4 steps needed to get your Website online.

  • Step 1 shows you how to set up your domain name and hosting accounts.
  • Step 2 shows you how to install WordPress on your new hosting and set up your email accounts.
  • Step 3 shows you how register for and install the Divi Theme.
  • Step 4 shows you how to set up your Divi theme and create the pages of your website.

It’s easy when you know how!

Check out the guide at

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