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I earn affiliate commission from Elegant Themes

As a member of the Elegant Themes Affiliate program the owner of this website will be paid a commission on any sales that result from purchases made via links to Elegant Themes from divithemeexamples.com

There are also links to various other 3rd party websites on divithemeexamples.com that contain affiliate links.

You pay the exact same price for products if you use an affilaite link or a non-affiliate link.

Do I pay more using the affiliate links?

You will never be charged any extra by clicking on, or purchasing via affiliate links.

By using our affiliate links, it cost you nothing, yet you help to keep Divi Theme Examples a forever free resource for the entire Divi community.

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elegant themes affiliate program

Why join the Elegant Themes Affiliate program

If you are thinking of becoming an affiliate for Elegant Themes too, then I would highly recommend it.

The affiliate program at Elegant Themes is one of the best available in the WordPress niche and has played a large role in the continued growth of the business and its products within the community.

As an affiliate myself, there are several reasons why I like the affiliate program at Elegant Themes which include;

  • Highest commissions – 50% on all affiliate sales make this program one of the highest paying available for any quality WordPress Theme.
  • Yearly renewals – As annual memberships get renewed, you get the commission again and again. This alone is a huge incentive and unlike most other affiliate programs.
  • Easy to use affiliate dashboard – Easily track sales and see how many users you have sent to Elegant Themes. You can easily view visitors, and conversions and track links individually too.
  • Monthly payouts – Get paid via Paypal on time every month without having to chase up late payments! In the 4+ years, I have been an affiliate for Elegant Themes they have never missed a payment.
  • A great conversion rate – As with any high-quality product the conversion rates with Elegant Themes are high. I usually average around 15%+ conversion rates, but I have seen fellow affiliates generating over 20% conversion rates with certain content!

If you want to start earning money you can apply to become an affiliate for Elegant Themes using the button below! And yes, the button contains my affiliate link!