Elegant Themes has come a long way in the past 8 years

Have you ever wondered how Elegant Themes became the market leader in premium WordPress Themes? It has been a long road since founder, Nick Roach started building and selling WordPress themes back in 2008. Below are a few key points in the evolution of Elegant Themes.

  1. 10/2008

    – Elegant Themes began as Elegant WordPress Themes

    Elegant Themes started life at www.elegantwordpressthemes.com (now offline) which was 1st registered in Aptil 2008. By October 2008 there was a 302 redirect to www.elegantthemes.com, which was 1st registered on 7th October 2008. The 1st blog post (under www.elegantwordpressthemes.com) was posted back on the 2nd may 2008.

  2. – Elegant Themes annual membership started at just $19.95

    Back in 2008 when Elegant Themes first hit the market, you would have paid only $19.95 for an annual membership. There were no developer or lifetime memberships back then, and just 15 themes.

  3. – Elegant Themes V1 looked like this

    The first version of Elegant Themes was live from October 2008 until July 2009, when there was a full site redesign. You can take a look at the site using The Wayback Machine
    elegant themes 12-oct-2008

  4. 07/2009

    – Elegant Themes V2 looked like this

    In July 2009 Elegant Themes got another redesign. You can take a look at the site using The Wayback Machine
    elegant themes website july-2010

  5. 10/2009

    – In October 2009 there were 26 Themes on Elegant Themes

    The Wayback Machine shows what WordPress Themes you would get for your $19.95 back in late 2009.

  6. 07/2010

    – Price increases to $39

    In July 2010 the annual membership for Elegant Themes went from $19.95 to $39. With 47 themes available it was still an incredibly low price.
    elegant themes 16-jul-2010-39-dollar

  7. 06/2012

    – Elegant Themes V3 looked like this

    In June 2012 (with 126,425 customers and 76 themes) the Elegant Themes got another makeover, including a new logo, that has largely been retained to today.
    elegant themes 19-june-2012-redesign

  8. 08/2013

    – 200,000 Elegant Themes members

    By early Ausgust 2013 Elegant Themes has over 200,000 members.
    elegant themes august-2013

  9. 12/2013

    – Divi 1.0 is released

    A turning point for Elegant Themes was in December 2013 when the Divi Theme was released.

  10. 03/2014

    – Price increases to $69

    On March 17th 2014 the annual membership for Elegant Themes went from $39 to $69. There were 233,869 members and 87 themes available.
    elegant themes 18-march-2014---69-dollar

  11. 10/2014

    – Monarch Plugin Release

    October 2014 saw the release of the hugely popular Monarch Plugin for social sharing and following.
    monarch-plugin-by-elegant themes

  12. 03/2015

    – Bloom Plugin Release

    March 2015 saw the release of the hugely popular Bloom Plugin making email opt-ins a breeze.
    elegant themes bloom plugin

  13. 06/2015

    – Divi2.4 Release

    June 2015 saw the release of Divi 2.4 which was a huge update to an already popular theme. Divi 2.4 was a turning point for Divi and Elegant Themes and has given a huge boost to popularity.

  14. 10/2015

    – Divi Builder released

    October 2015 saw the release of the Divi Builder, a standalone plugin that allows you to use Divi’s powerful page builder on any WordPress theme.

  15. 12/2015

    -Extra Theme released

    December 2015 saw the much awaited release of Extra Theme which was built to fill the gap for magazine and news style WordPress themes.

  16. 02/2016

    – 317,224 Members + 87 Themes + 5 Plugins

    Today, 8 year on and with over 300k members, Elegant Themes is firmly at the top of the premium WordPress Theme market. 87 Themes inclusing the flagship Divi Theme, 5 plugins and a team of highly talented individuals working hard to keep pushing Elegant Themes onwards and upwards. I don’t know what the future holds for Elegant Themes, but if they keep producing the excellent products they have been the future looks bright.
    Elegant Themes feb-2016

  17. 09/2016

    – Divi 3.0 released

    Divi 3.o is released along with the all new front-end visual builder that allows you to quickly build and edit your Divi website live on the front-end of your website. This update is made available to the current 351,000+ members of Elegant themes.
    Elegant Themes Divi 3 released

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