How to equalize column heights in Divi?

Getting your columns to be equal heights in your Divi Theme is quite simple to do, but there is a common mistake that people seem to be making that results in un-equal column heights. That mistake is to add the background color to the modules within your row, rather than the columns within the row itself. To equalize your Divi columns you need to set the background color on the row columns and not on the modules within the columns. As the name suggest the equalize column heights does just that, rather than equalizing the modules that sit within the columns.

equalize column heights in divi theme

Steps to equalize Divi columns height

  1. Create a row and go to the advance design settings tab. scroll down to the “equalize column heights” option and change the option to “yes”
  2. In the rows advanced settings scroll down to “column 1 background color” option and set your color
  3. Repeat step to for how ever many columns you have in the row (or those columns you want to equalize).
  4. You column backgrounds will now be equalized

Watch the video below to see how the equalize column heights in Divi works with background colors set on the modules and then (the correct way) on the row.

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