Looking to see a WP plugin integrated with a Divi site?

I see quite a few posts asking if anyone has used xyz plugin with the Divi theme so here is a quick way you can find live Divi websites in the Divi Theme Showcase that use the xyz plugin.

When a new Divi site is added to the Divi showcase a list of plugins used on the site is added in the listings description which is then searchable in the Woocommerce search widget (the one in the showcase sidebar).

Just put the plugin name into the search box and away you go. Any Divi sites listed in the showcase that is using that particular plugin will show up in the search results. If you get results, you can then see the plugin in action, be sure it is compatible with Divi and get some ideas on different ways it may be integrated into a Divi site.

You can find the best Divi and WP plugins on Divi Theme Examples and If you are looking for a comprehensive directory of all Divi specific plugins you can check out the Divi Theme Plugins directory.

Search live divi plugin examples

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