Find 1000’s of websites built with Divi.

Divi is now one of most popular WordPress Themes around, and with Elegant Themes offering a license that allows members to create an unlimited number of Divi websites, there are now a huge number of Divi sites out there. Whilst I would like to say all the best ones are already listed in the Divi Showcase on Divi Theme Examples, some obviously haven’t made it just yet!

Divi Theme Examples is however, the number 1 resource for finding inspiration for Divi web designs and with a large following that has grown over the years, many examples are getting submitted via the site every day. For now I am adding 1 site every day to the showcase, but this may change soon!

One of the main problems with the few resources that were around before Divi Theme Examples was that they scrape the web for sites built with Divi and add them all: The good, the bad and the quite often, very ugly. Each site listed in the Divi Theme Examples showcase is personally vetted by me to ensure it’s a site worth your time. There are currently 1616 live hand picked Divi sites on Divi Theme Examples so this is the place to start getting inspired. Grab a cup of coffee and start seeing whats possible with WordPress and Divi.

So, if you have already gone through the examples in the Divi Theme Examples showcase and still want more inspiration, you may want to head out and do a little Divi fishing on your own.

Where else to find Divi Theme sites?

There are a few places you can start looking if you have the time and don’t mind sorting the good from the bad. It can be kind of fun seeing what examples may pop up on the next page of results… the next page may just be the inspirational site you were looking for! The following resources have plenty of Divi sites listed that should keep you busy for a while.


At the time of writing Themestats has 199 741 websites built with Divi. Many are better examples of how not to use Divi, but there are some great ones in there too. There are a lot to go through but there is Divi gold in there somewhere.


At the time of writing Themetix has 29 813 websites built with Divi. As with Themestats, they are not sorted or vetted in any way so you will find sites that are not Divi, not live, not good but also the possibility of finding a few hidden gems.

Portfolios withing listing on Divi Theme Examples

Divi Theme Examples currently has 238 Divi examples tagged with web design. These are web designers and web design agencies that not only use Divi for their own web design portfolio, but most are also using Divi for their client sites too, so take a look at the work in their portfolio and you will probably find plenty more Divi examples.

Elegant Themes blog

Elegant Themes often have posts on their blog including a roundup of examples of sites built with Divi withing a particular niche. Head to Elegant Themes and search for “examples built with Divi” and you will find quite a few of the examples roundup posts.

Divi Theme Examples Facebook Group

Divi Theme Examples has a great Divi facebook group where members are encouraged to post links to their Divi websites. If you are not already a member of the group join today and start sharing your Divi work with the community for feedback, kudos and help with any technical issues you may be having.

Google searches

By searching google for “wp-content/themes/Divi”, including the quotes you will be given pages and pages of sites built with Divi. This is a very time consuming method of finding Divi sites and you dont know what you are getting until you click through to the site which makes it a totally lottery. Try changing Divi for Divi-child for a few extra results.

Is it built with Divi?

Once you find a site via the resources above, or just by browsing the web and seeing a site you think may be Divi, you may want to know if a site is using the Divi theme still.

To do this there are a few options, but the easiest (and the method I use) is to right click on the site and view source. Once you are in the sites source code you will be able to see wp-content/themes/Divi. if the site is made with Divi.

divi theme view source code

Some site owners rename the Theme folder in order to hide the fact that Divi has been used, so in this case you can still usually see the telltale signs of Divi within the code which will be using the et-pb classes throughout.

The other option is to use a WordPress Theme detector where you can enter the URL and it will return results including the Theme and plugins used. My favorite is What WP Theme Is That, but there are a few out there that all seem to work.

Did you find any great Divi sites?

If you have gone Divi fishing and found some great sites not already listed in the Divi Theme Examples showcase drop a URL into the comments below or submit via link in the navigation above.

Some links on this page contain affiliate tracking code. This means that if you follow one of these links and make a purchase the owner of Divi Theme Examples may receive a commission. By using these affiliate links to purchase Divi related products and services you are helping to keep this website a forever free resource for the Divi community. More info on affiliate links here.

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