Find free child theme for Divi on Divi Theme Examples

There are now a few good 3rd party child themes for Divi that can be downloaded for free. A child theme is a set of files that adds functionality and design to the parent theme (Divi) and using one can get you a full website up and running in no time at all.

There are not that many free child themes as they do take a lot of time for development and support, if made available, so most child themes would be premium/paid for. You can find all Divi child theme listings on Divi Theme Examples and the best child themes are also featured in the Divi showcase.

Free blank Divi child theme

If you are looking for a free blank child theme that can be used to add in your custom css or to customize your Divi Theme files or plugin files then we have a free blank child theme you can download called Bare Bones for Divi. As the name suggests it is just a blank child theme with a functions.php, style.css and a theme image. Install and activate and you are ready make customizations without loosing them when you update Divi

BARE BONES Divi Child Theme has just the bare bones, ready for you to add your custom CSS and files. When you activate this child theme you will notice nothing happens until you add your own CSS or .php files, which will then over-ride your master Divi theme.

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