Weekly free layouts for Divi are on the way!

Nick Roach has just announced that Elegant Themes will be releasing free layouts and full layout packs for Divi every single week from here on out! We already have quite a few free layouts that Elegant Themes have released over the past year or so, but this marks a big step in providing regular high quality, ready to use designs for every Divi user.

Elegant Themes have also announced the upcoming layouts manager which will allow you to load all of these new and old free Divi layouts directly from the Divi builder without having to import them via the Divi library. It’s still not clear exactly how this new feature will function but I assume layouts will be stored in some sort of Divi cloud on Elegant Themes servers and imported into your Divi builder as required.

+ Free stock photography too

Not only are Elegant Themes going to be offering free layouts for Divi, but they will also be releasing free stock photography within the layouts you can use without restrictions. “These photos will be released without any licensing restrictions. This means you can use them in all of your commercial projects without having to worry about paying licensing fees or attributing the photographer.

Free, high quality layouts. Check out the announcement

A free wedding layout pack to start

The 1st of the new free weekly layouts from Elegant Themes is a 6 page layout pack for a wedding. Until the new library manager is released you will need to download this free layout as usual. However, unlike usual, you will then need to import this layout directly into your page via the portability icon (the up/down arrows) rather than into your Divi library. Instructions are on the download page.

*Affiliate disclosure – help keep Divi Theme Examples a forever free resource for the Divi community.

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