You can add a Divi coming soon page If your upcoming website is not yet ready for users to view.

Viewers will only be able to access the coming soon page and any other pages will remain hidden. If they try to access any other page they will be redirected to the coming soon page.

The website will be accessible by logged-in site admins or developers so they can build or edit the site in the backend.

Divi coming soon page

By using a coming soon, or pre-launch, page before your Divi website goes live you can;

  • Let people know what you will be doing and when your website will launch
  • Start collecting emails for your marketing list
  • Provide contact details for potential future customers
  • Promote your new social channels
  • Create hype and interest for your new brand

This article will give an overview of what a coming soon page is, show where to find the best coming soon layouts, and explain how to activate it on your own Divi website using a free WordPress plugin.

What is a coming soon page?

A coming soon page is a temporary page that displays for all non-logged-in users that try to visit your website URL before it is ready to go live.

If you are logged in to your website you will be able to access, view, and edit the website as usual but everyone else will only be able to see the coming soon page. This way you can build or edit your website in the back-end while the maintenance mode or coming soon page is displayed on the front-end.

A coming soon page is used to let anyone who visits your URL know when the site will go live and provide them with an overview of what is “coming soon”. Many coming soon pages will also include an email signup form to capture emails so that interested people can be contacted when the website is launched.

*Is a coming soon page the same as a maintenance mode page? A Divi maintenance mode page works in the same way as a coming soon page does, but is used to hide an existing website during an update or redesign. But, If you are updating or redesigning your site, I would just leave the original site live and make those edits on a staging site that is available with all good Divi hosts.

What to include on your coming soon page

You can include as much or as little as you like in a coming soon page, but there are general components that most pages will include.

  • Introduction text – Keep your introduction simple but let your visitor know what your business does, what the website will do, and when it will be live.
  • An Email opt-in form – Collect email addresses and grow a mailing list so that you can email potential customers when you are ready to launch and into the future.
  • Social media links – You should have already set up your social media accounts, so you can use them on your coming soon page to engage with your users and make any news and launch date updates.
  • Countdown timer – A popular addition to any coming soon page so users know exactly when you will launch. You may want to just display the countdown days rather than the hours, minutes, and seconds too.
  • Sneak peeks – You may not have or want to release all the details but a quick photo of your upcoming product or service may be enough to get users to register for the launch announcements.
  • Branding – Your logo and branding are ready so start sharing them and begin building brand recognition with potential clients.

How do I activate a coming soon page in Divi?

Custom coming soon and maintenance mode pages are not WordPress default features.

To activate, you will need to use a maintenance mode or coming soon plugin. There are lots of free plugins that work with Divi that allow you to quickly set up your coming soon page.

You could also just create a new coming soon page without any navigation and set it as the homepage in the WordPress settings, but this would mean that other pages could be accessed directly. By using a plugin you can ensure the only your selected coming soon page is accessible.

Below are 2 options for adding your coming soon page.

1. Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing Pages plugin

seedprod coming soon page plugin with Divi

My coming soon plugin of choice and one of the most popular options is the Coming Soon Page, Maintenance Mode & Landing Pages by SeedProd. This plugin is available for free in the WordPress plugin repository and is a well-maintained, feature-rich plugin that comes with tons of great templates and integrations. The free version is slightly limited but if you just need to put a basic page up whilst you develop your website then this may be a good free solution.

The only downside with this plugin is that you cannot select a pre-made Divi page to use as your template. This means that you cannot use any of the DIvi coming soon page layouts. A deal-breaker for some, but not an issue for me and many others.


  • 1 million+ installations
  • Works with any WordPress Theme
  • Drag & Drop Page Builder
  • Cannot use DIvi coming soon layouts or use the DIvi Builder
  • Free on the official WordPress plugin repos

Divi Coming Soon pricing:

2. Divi Under Construction plugin

Divi under construction plugin

The Divi Under Construction plugin is released by Be Superfly and is available to buy from the official Divi marketplace. The plugin allows you to create a coming soon or maintenance page using the DIvi Builder or using a premade Divi layout. You can control which pages are accessible or not allowing you to launch your website in stages. If you want to use the Divi Builder and/or a Divi Builder layout for your coming soon page then you would need to use a plugin like this rather than the Seedprod plugin above.


  • Hide your Divi website during construction or maintenance.
  • Exclude specific pages.
  • Add a Divi countdown timer module for the coming soon page.
  • Redirect incomplete pages to a homepage
  • Available in the official Divi marketplace and has passed Elegant Themes code check

Plugin price;

This product is available to buy via the Elegant Themes marketplace or via the developers’ website at BeSuperfly.

Buy via the Elegant Themes official marketplace;

  • This product is available to buy via the Elegant Themes marketplace as an unlimited site license for $9.
  • The price includes 1 year of updates and support.
  • There is a 30-day money-back guarantee when buying products via the Elegant Themes marketplace.
  • Released under GPL license

Final Thoughts

When building a new website it is always best to get the ball rolling and put up a coming soon page. I tend to just use a very basic logo and text intro to let users know what is coming but you may want to get a bit more creative. There are quite a few Divi coming soon layouts in the Divi marketplace

if you want to get something up quickly and there are also quite a few free coming soon layouts listed in the Divi Layouts directory at

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