Your API key is a type of password that gives you or your clients access to the Elegant Themes software.

You will need an Elegant Themes API key to;

  • Update Divi
  • Update Bloom, Monarch, and Divi Builder plugins
  • Access Divi layouts in the Divi Builder

Before you can update Divi or any of the plugins from Elegant Themes (Bloom, Monarch, Divi builder), or access any of the built-in Divi layouts, you will first need to authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription with an API key and Username.

To get access to the latest versions of Divi and elegant themes products you will need an active Elegant Themes account and API key.

What is a Divi API key?

Your Divi API (Application Programming Interface) key is a unique identifier used to authenticate you as a paid member of Elegant Themes.

When you join Elegant Themes you will be given a username and password to log into their website. You will also be given a unique API key.

You can then add multiple API keys via your Elegant Themes dashboard as required.

Your API key and Username are used to activate your Divi theme and Elegant Themes plugins once they are installed on your website.

This allows you to update Divi and plugins via the WordPress dashboard and to gain access to Divi layouts.

Where do I find my API key?

To get your Elegant Themes API key you will need to log in to the Elegant Themes website under the Account link in the header. The password you use to log into the Elegant Themes website is also the one used to authenticate your API keys in the Divi Theme and plugins.

To find your Divi API key you will need to follow these steps;

  1. Log into your Elegant Themes account via the Account link on
  2. Navigate to Account > Username & API Keys.
  3. You will see a list of your account’s API Keys. New API Keys can be created for different websites and different clients. You can also deactivate or delete API Keys that are no longer in use and those sites will no longer receive updates.

divi api key and username

Where do I add my API key?

Once you have got your API key from the Elegant Themes website client area you can add it to your Divi Theme.

To add your API key to Divi you will need to;

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. In the left-hand menu scroll down and hover over Divi and then click on the sub-menu of Theme Options
  3. In the Divi Theme Options opens page select the Updates tab in the purple navigation bar.
  4. This is where you can add your Elegant Themes Username (the same as you use to log into the Elegant Themes website) and your API key.
  5. Save changes and you will see a green check icon to indicate your API key has been authenticated.

Where to add Divi API key and username

Adding new API keys for clients

If you are building websites for clients or other people it is a good idea to create a separate API key for each website.

This allows you can disable or delete that specific API key and its access at any time if required. This can be done via your Elegant Themes client area without needing access to the website in question.

In your Elegant Themes members area under “My Account” > API Keys, you have the option to create new API keys under your Elegant Themes membership account.

Just click the Generate New API Key button and a new key will be added to your list.

add divi api key

Many Divi developers will use their own API on client websites to allow their clients to get updates to their theme and plugins as long as that client is on an ongoing update or maintenance plan with them. Essentially the client is not paying for Divi and the developer is giving them a copy to use on their website.

If that client decides to stop the maintenance plan at some stage in the future then most Divi developers would then want to stop that client from using their Elegant Themes membership for Divi updates and accessing Divi layouts.

The developer would then tell the client to go and buy their own membership (perhaps via an affiliate link) at Elegant Themes.

By assigning a unique API key to each client or website you can easily disable or delete the access of any website to Elegant Themes product updates.

How to manage multiple API keys?

The Elegant Themes API dashboard allows you to create any number of new API keys which are then listed in your API Keys section.

Your API Keys section will give you your Username and a list of your API Keys. For each API key you can now;

  • Add an API Key Label so you know which key is associated with which website/s
  • Click to copy with copied to clipboard notification
  • Deactivate any specific API key temporarily with the option to re-activate as required
  • Delete any specific API key permanently

Divi API key labels


Should you deactivate or cancel a Divi API key

Your old client has gone AWOL and stopped paying you for the maintenance plan you set up so you decide it is time to remove their access to Divi updates via your Elegant Themes membership.

To deactivate or delete an API key just log into your Elegant Themes members area and go to My Account > API Keys, select the appropriate key, and hit the deactivate or delete button. Deactivating gives you the option to re-activate that key again, whilst deleting the API removes it for good.

Choosing to deactivate or cancel API access in a Divi website is entirely up to you but in general, most Divi developers will only allow clients to access Elegant Themes products via their API if and when they are on a paid maintenance plan. Some require their clients to buy and use their own Elegant Themes membership at the beginning of the contract, but again this is your personal choice. In terms of Elegant Themes licensing terms, you are free to use your API key on any client website regardless.

Final Thoughts

For people building websites for clients, the API system that allows you to add multiple Divi API keys is a great feature. Keep API access only for those that are paying you for an ongoing maintenance plan.

The Divi API key is there to authenticate your membership of Elegant Themes and yours should be kept secret. Please don’t offer your Divi API key for free and don’t post it on GitHub or similar sites for others to use. If you want a free Divi username and API key to test out Divi you can just use their 30-day free trial or use their demo site online.

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