What is a Divi API key?

Your API key is the password that gives you access to the Elegant Themes software on your website. Before you can update your Divi theme or any themes or plugins from Elegant Themes (Bloom, Monarch, Divi builder) you will first need to authenticate your Elegant Themes subscription with an API key. You will also need to have your API key added into the Divi Theme options to access the pre-made Divi layout templates that are included with the theme.

“Below are your API Keys and Username. These items are used to activate your themes and plugins after installing them on your website. To activate your product and enable theme and plugin updates, simply input your Username and API Key into “Updates” within your theme or plugin options panel. After your account has been authenticated, you can update products normally via the Dashboard > Updates tab in your WordPress Dashboard.”

To authenticate your Elegant Themes membership on your website you will need your Elegant Themes username and your Elegant Themes API Key to add into your Divi Theme Options > Updates.

  • You will find your API Key in your Elegant Themes members area by navigating to My Account > API Keys.
  • Your username is also listed under My Account > API Keys and is the same username you use when you log into your member dashboard

divi api key and username

Adding new API keys for clients

In your Elegant Themes members area under “My Account” > “API Keys” you have the option to create new API keys under your Elegant Themes membership account. Just click the Generate New API Key button and a new key will be added to your list.

Adding new Elegant Themes API keys is useful if you are building Divi websites for clients as you can create a unique API key for each client/website so that you have the option to disable or delete that specific API key if necessary in the future. If you have access to the site in question, you can always just go into the theme or plugin options and remove the username and API from the Theme Options, but if you are wanting to remove the key then there is a good chance you may no longer have access to the site itself.

add divi api key

Many Divi developers will use their own API to allow their clients to get updates to their theme and plugins as long as that client is on an on-going update or maintenance plan with them. But, if that client decides to stop the maintenance plan at some stage in the future then most developers would also want to stop that client from using their Elegant Themes membership for updates. The developer would then ask the client to go and buy their own membership (perhaps via an affiliate link) at Elegant Themes.

By assigning a unique API key to each client or website you can easily disable the access of a website to Elegant Themes product updates.

How to manage multiple API keys?

The Elegant Themes API dashboard allows you to create any number of new API keys which are then listed in your API Keys section. The updated Elegant Themes website and members area (released 22/5/2019) added some new features to the API key area to make their management much easier.

Your API Keys section will give you your Username and a list of your API Keys. For each API key you can now;

  • Add an API Key Label so you know which key is associated with which website/s
  • Click to copy with copied to clipboard notification
  • Deactivate any specific API key temporarily with the option to re-activate as required
  • Delete any specific API key permanently

Divi API key labels


Deactivating or Canceling an API key

Your old client has gone AWOL and stopped paying you for maintenance so you decide it is time to remove their access to Divi updates via your Elegant Themes membership.

To deactivate or delete an API key just log into your Elegant Themes members area and go to My Account > API Keys, select the appropriate key and hit the deactivate or delete button. Deactivating gives you the option to re-activate that key again, whilst deleting the API removes it for good.

Whether or not you decide to deactivate or cancel old clients API access is entirely up to you but from what I see in the various Facebook groups when the issue comes up, most developers only allow clients access if and when they are on a maintenance plan. Some require their clients to buy and use their own Elegant Themes membership from day 1, but again this is entirely your choice in terms of Elegant Themes licensing terms.

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