You may have noticed the following notice in your Divi Admin.

Due to changes in Facebook’s API, Monarch must be authorized to obtain follow/share counts from Facebook. Please get an App ID and App Secret from Facebook and save them here. | Hide Notice

Please get an App ID and App Secret from Facebook and save them here

Facebook uses OAuth for its API, which means it requires extra authentication before it will let Monarch access your share and follow info.

You will need to log in to your FB account and then go to the Facebook Developers page.

Hover over “My Apps”, and then click “Add a New App”.

  • App Type: WWW
  • App Name: This can be anything and just for easy reference
  • Category: Pick the most relevant category.

You will then see the “Quick Start for Website” page and you should just click “Skip Quick Start” in the top right corner.

You will then have your new App ID and App Secret that you can copy and paste into the Facebook authentication fields in the General Settings tab of the Monarch admin panel.

Go back to the FB developers page and click on the settings tab for your new API.
1. Select Add Platform
2. Select Website
3. Put your URL in the Site URL

Once added, click the “Authorize” button and Monarch will automatically grab your Facebook share and follower counts.


Check out Elegant Themes documentation for more info on the Monarch API’s.

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