Background settings in the Divi Theme just got a makeover.

The Divi Theme is in a constant state of improvement and version 3.0.48 ( updated 5-31-2017 ) brought us a new set of background options that will make adding cool background effects to your Divi builder a whole lot easier and feature rich.

The new background options interface puts all of Divi’s background settings into 1 new tab with the Divi modules with 4 new sub-tabs: Background Color, Background Image, Background Gradient and Background Video. These new background options have been added to many more modules that before and in total, there are over 100 new design settings added to the Divi Builder.

The, i want to play with these new settings right now, additions for me are the gradient backgrounds and the background blend modes (think Photoshop layer blends) which offer the ability to add a huge range of potential styles that previously required custom CSS or manually producing in Photoshop. By combing the gradient background and the layer blend modes on an image you can get some really cool effects and much like in Photoshop when you find yourself scrolling through the layer modes to see what works, by experimenting i’m sure you will get some great effects with these new css blend modes within your Divi modules..

In the video below, Nick Roach from Elegant Themes walks us through the all new background features.

*Affiliate disclosure – Links to Elegant Themes contain affiliate code. You are never charged extra for using these links, but do help to keep Divi Theme Examples a free resource for all.

Free layouts using the new background options added.

So, after playing around with the new Divi background features, i ended up with a 2 new free layouts which i have added to the Divi layouts page for you to download and use for your next project.

1 page layout for Pilates/Yoga Classes
free divi layout
1 page layout for Personal CV/Resume
free divi layout

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