Using the Visual builder in Divi just got even easier!

After using the back-end builder in Divi for so long, the front-end visual builder took a little while to get used to, but after a bit of time it became clear it was so much better. Even with the disappearing settings. With version 3.0.78 ( updated 10-5-2017 ) visual builder got a big improvement which makes using it so much better for everyone.

The key new Divi builder features are;

– Added new Click Mode interaction mode for the Visual Builder – In visual builder Click Mode, section, row and module controls are shown when you click on an element. Once an element has been clicked, its settings will stay visible until you click on something else or close manually.

– Added new Grid Mode interaction mode for the Visual Builder – The new grid mode will visually display all of the module, row and section controls at the same time. Once a section, row or module setting is opened, the grid will disappear for clearer viewing while editing.

– Improved hover button overlap and accessibility issues in the Visual Builder – This update means a lot of the Divi Visual Builder bugs are no more so expect to see no more disappearing settings or settings hidden under settings.

– Added new interface settings window to the Visual Builder – From here you can control how the visual builder works and choose which of the 3 interaction modes you want to use as default. You can also specify;

  • To open all options toggles by default
  • Completely hide disabled modules
  • Remove Divi builder interface animations
  • Choose your default modal position
  • Control history state creation frequency

Watch the visual builder update launch video by Nick Roach;

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