What’s new with Divi this month?

The Divi Theme is one of the most updated out there and is a continually evolving and improving WordPress Theme. The team at Elegant Themes are working around the clock to bring feature updates alongside any required bug fixes and improvements that may be required. In October 2017 Divi has been updated 6 times with 3 main new features being added.

The main updated features are the Fonts Update, The new Visual Builder modes and the Box & text shadow updates.

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Divi Text Shadow Update

Text shadows just got very easy to apply within Divi, which mean no more custom css to be able to make your text legible on various backgrounds! Use the presets to add text shadows and customize to your needs.

View the Elegant Themes release post.

Divi version 3.0.85 ( updated 10-26-2017 )

– Added new text shadow options to all modules

Divi Font Options Update

This font update has taken us from the 91 Divi fonts to over 800, and you can upload your own too. Not only do we have a larger choice of fonts available we can now also have a lot more control over how these fonts are displayed and managed. The only thing missing (and coming soon apparently) is the ability to use the customizer to set these new font options at a global level which will be a huge help. 

View the Elegant Themes release post.

Divi version 3.0.83 ( updated 10-18-2017 )
– Added improved font options interface to the Divi Builder.
– Added font search and recently used fonts list to the font selection menu.
– Added 600 new fonts to the Divi Builder and Divi Theme Customizer.
– Added new dynamic font weight options for all 800 Divi fonts, ranging from Ultra Thin to Ultra Bold.
– Added new font styling choices including strike-through, small caps and underline options.
– Added individual heading level styling options to the text module, allowing custom fonts, colors and sizes to be applied to H1-H6 headings.
– Added new heading level settings to all modules allowing custom heading levels to be applied to all module titles.
– Added custom font uploading and management to the Divi Builder font options interface.
– Added new styling options for anchor links in the text module.
– Added new styling options for blockquotes in the text module.
– Added new styling options for unordered lists in the text module.
– Added new styling options for ordered lists in the text module.
– Improved options wording for all module title options.

Divi Box Shadow Update

The box shadow has become a popular customization within the Divi community with plenty of Divi layouts and child themes incorporating the look into their design. This Divi feature update allows you to quickly and easily add a box shadow effect to any section, row or modules. You can use the pre-defined shadows with the click of a button and/or customize the shadow with various controls. No more css required for your box shadows (unless you also want hover effects) required.

View the Elegant Themes release post.

Divi version 3.0.81 ( updated 10-12-2017 )
– Add box shadow options to all modules, including a new UI that includes box shadow presets, as well as options to customize all aspects of the box shadow.

Divi Visual Builder Update

I am a big fan of the visual builder and have been using it almost exclusively for a while now and these new updates only make it better. The default way we have been working with the VB has been updated to fix those annoying quirks that meant the controls were getting hidden or disappearing and has also added 2 new ways to interact with the content.  The new click mode and grid mode offer more options so you can work with the visual builder just the way you like, when you like.

View the Elegant Themes release post.

Divi version 3.0.78 ( updated 10-5-2017 )
– Added new interface settings window to the Visual Builder.
– Added new Click Mode interaction mode for the Visual Builder.
– Added new Grid Mode interaction mode for the Visual Builder.
– Improved hover button overlap and accessibility issues in the Visual Builder.
– Added the option to completely hide disabled modules in the Visual Builder.
– Added the option to open all option groups by default in the Visual Builder.
– Added the ability to customize the items in the Visual Builder toolbar.
– Added the option to disable Divi Builder interface animations in the Visual Builder.
– Improved Visual Builder rendering performance.

What should the next Divi update be?

I think it’s clear that Divi is going to be getting lots of updates and new features added, but what do you want to see in the next update?

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