By default, Divi will add bullet points to each of your widget list items in your footer area,

As you add widgets into your footer section they will consist of the widget title and the widget contents displayed as a bullet point list.

Some Divi footer designs may work with these bullet points, but many people prefer to remove all the bullet points from the footer as they can be quite ugly and unnecessary. They can also create issues with the styling of the monarch social plugins too.

By adding a few lines of custom CSS code to your Theme options or child theme you can remove all list item bullet points from your footer.

Divi footer widgets bullet point

Remove bullet points from Divi footer

To remove all list item bullet points from your Divi footer widgets you can add the following CSS code to your website. You can add the CSS code to your Theme options or child theme.

#footer-widgets .footer-widget li:before {

The code above will leave a space where the bullet point was so you will most likely also want to use CSS to remove the padding on the list element.

#footer-widgets .footer-widget li {
padding-left: 0px;

By adding a couple of lines of CSS you have removed your bullet points from all list items in the Divi footer.

remove divi bullet points from footer

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