Countdowns to the minute and second can be a bit to specific for many, so you can remove the minutes and seconds on Divi countdown timer by adding this custom CSS in your Divi ePanel or Divi child themes style.css

/* countdown timer – hide minutes and seconds*/
.et_pb_countdown_timer .section.values, .et_pb_countdown_timer .sep {
display: none;
.et_pb_countdown_timer .section.days {
display: block;
You might want to align the days display and make it bigger or it looks a little odd. Add the following CSS to center it below the title and make it bigger.
p.value {
margin-left: 140%;
font-size: 120px !important;
font-weight: bold;
color: #c52526;

p.label {
margin-left: 150%;
font-size: 60px !important;
text-transform: uppercase;
margin-top: 10%;

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