If you want to show the mobile (burger) menu on desktops as well as mobiles you can use the following code from SJ @ Gritty Social.

Just add the following code into your Divi child theme CSS file or into the ePanel custom CSS tab.

@media only screen and ( min-width:980px ) {
#et_mobile_nav_menu { display:block }
#top-menu-nav { display:none; }

/**change these settings if you want to style it**/

.mobile_menu_bar:before {
 content: "\61";
 font-size: 32px;
 left: 0;
 position: relative;
 top: 0;
 cursor: pointer;

The “\61” is a reference to the ETmodules icon font. If you want to change it to any other item you can… Here’s a few good ones…

\37 double arrow down
\3b Arrow in a cirle
\47 Downwards triangle in a circle
\4c Plus sign

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