When you add a Full-Width Slider module in Divi and add a slide image, that image is not displayed on mobile devices by default.

There is an option in the module settings to display the slide image or video on the mobile slider in the module settings along with 2 other switches to control what slider elements are shown on mobile.

To make the Full-Width Slider image display on mobiles you will need to go into the module’s advanced visibility settings which have 3 switches to control which slider elements are visible on mobile.

Show or hide Divi slider elements on mobile

In your full-width slider module settings go to Advanced > Visibility where you will see 3 switches for content, CTA, and image/video.

These switches will add or remove those elements when the slider is viewed on mobile.

As with all modules, you can also completely hide or show the whole module as required on desktop, tablet, or mobile and these are the 3 check-boxes below the 3 switches for our slider elements.

The 3 switches and live preview in the Divi Builder;

  • Show content on Mobile (On by default)
    This will turn on/off any content you add to the Body section of the module slides
    show content on mobile
  • Show CTA on Mobile (On by default)
    This will turn on/off the button content of the module slides
    show CTA on mobile
  • Show Image/Video on Mobile (Off by default)
    This will turn on/off the image or video of the module slides
    show image video on mobile
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