If you want to swap your home text for a home icon in your Divi menu you need to;
swap home for icon in divi

1. Upload an image icon to your media library and copy the image path (click on the image in the library once uploaded to get the image path URL).

2. In your Appearance>menu settings, add a new menu Custom Links menu item. Add the URL to your homepage and then add the following for your link text

<img src="<strong>put your image path URL here</strong>" >

3. Depending on your icon size it may be a little out of line with the other text menu items. If so, you will need to add a little custom CSS to align it in your child theme style.css or your Divi ePanel. On the front end, right click the home icon and view source to get the menu-id. In the exaple below my menu item id was 118. You can then add the following code, with your menu-item-xx, to align the icon.

li.menu-item.menu-item-type-custom.menu-item-object-custom.menu-item-118 img {

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