Team member and staff page are win-win

Seeing as I work alone on Divi Theme Examples, a team member page would look a bit rubbish, but if you have a talented team of staff in your business and want your customers to get to now them a bit better, then a team member page can be a great idea.

Having a team members page can help your business and staff connect with your clients and potential clients on a more personal level. By seeing who the people are behind the business and learning a little about their position, responsibilities and personality, it can help to build trust and kick start a future business relationship.

Not only is it good for your potential clients, it is also a great way  to show potential employees who they will be working with and that the company sees their staff as valuable members of their team and not just another pencil-pusher in a cubicle!

Divi comes with a person module as part of the drag and drop builder which can be a useful starting point to further customize as in these person module layouts,  or you can create them from scratch like most of the example team pages below.


Here are 13 examples of team member & staff pages built with Divi ;

sleeknote team member page


The sleeknote about us page includes corporate looking staff head-shots that reveal a much more personalised  animated gif on hover. Mikkels is my favorite!
view team member page

our chefs team page

Food Recipes Team Page layout

This is the team members page from the free Divi layout from Elegant Themes Food blog layout pack and gives plenty of space to show of the chefs favorite recipies.
View the page here

staff page example cura brazil

Cura Brazil

This is the team members page from the Cura Brazil site who are a team of people who “combine talent & resources from the US & Brazil to provide medical services, and equipment to people in Brazil who otherwise would not have access to basic medical care.”
View the page here

divi team member page example

London Fight Factory

This is the trainers page from The London Fightclub site and each trainers image has a subtle hover effect
View the page here

divi team member page example


Doers are constantly producing great Divi sites with attention to detail and their own team members page is no exception with colour coordinated photos to match their blue branding.
View the page here

divi staff member page example


Hover image swap effects on the staff photos from Hyphen show the fun side of the people behind the  business.
View the page here

our chefs team pagestaff members examples divi layout

Real Estate Team Page layout

This is the team members page from the free real estate Divi layout pack from Elegant Themes.
View the page here

church about priest page example

Crossroads church

Get to know the Pastors at the Crosroads church with their photo and short bios, including how clean they keep their desks…
View the page here

geno quiroz team page

Monterey Premier

Only 2 in the team at Monterey premier but they stand out with their own caricatures that look kind of like the real people!
View the page here

divi our team page examples

Unsalted Boutique

A single image for the 2 team members but with the related text info split into 2 columns below.
View the page here

divi den team page

Divi Den

Seeing as Divi Den produce layout packs which generally have cool hover effects it only seems right that their own team member page has the same.
View the page here

divi our team page example


A cool hover effect on this full width staff image section from Crunch that reveals the staff members name on hover. 
View the page here

go crayons team member page example

Go Crayons

No standard grids layouts here from Go Crayons with the CEO, COO and CFO getting top spots .
View the page here

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